What to expect in Best Business Class Lounges


A shout out to travelers all over the world to have an amazing world-class experience in magnificent airport lounges. The quintessential element for passengers while traveling through airlines is to access the stunning lounges in the airport. Fortunately, there are multiple ways that passengers can enjoy the lavishness of these lounges that include exclusive amenities. One of the ways is to grab the opportunity that comes with Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard. The card makes the rich dreams come true by welcoming the customers with offers to access the airport lounges and explore world-class experiences.

What to expect in Best Business Class Lounges ?

The airlines are investing hugely in the facilities and amenities for the passengers to attract them. Since the industry is springing back, the airlines are developing enhanced amenity experiences to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The business class lounge is one specific factor that determines the quality of the service by the aircraft company. It reflects the values of the company towards a customer-centric approach. The lounges are the priority to keep the customers glued to the flight. Today however the business class lounges can be experienced not only at the hub airports but also overseas.

Are you planning for a holiday vacation? Check out the facilities you can enjoy at the lounges in the airport. This vacation presents a memorable treat to your family and friends.

Why do people love airport lounges?

As you travel around the world you might feel like taking a break and relaxing. Lounges offer exclusivity and privacy for travelers which anyone would appreciate. Be it a long haul journey or a short one, indulging in a lavish meal, imbibing a flavourful cocktail, or just relaxing in a peaceful environment reminds you of a refreshing luxury spa treatment. The amenities provided at the business class lounges will surprise you with fascinating things that you can’t resist.


You will be mesmerized to see the spacious setup of the lounges at the airport. Some of the airports have massive space dedicated to the lounge which is nearly 2.5 acres in area. The lounge feels absolutely like a marvel to the eyes with splendid architecture. The huge ceilings feel like a museum. Even with the social distancing in place, travelers can still find solace in the opulent setting. The spacious lounge includes plenty of places to be seated with a comfortable and relaxing arrangement. The customers can enjoy private nooks with a special provision of recliners and sofas.

Explore fine dining

The lounge facility will force you to look for ways to enjoy the services at the airport. These services will cost a lot if you are not a priority customer that means the business lounge is accessible for people only with special membership cards. If you are a member having for example a Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard you can indulge in amazing mouth-watering treats at the restaurants in the terminal. Savor your cravings with an unlimited buffet at restaurants, sip delectable cocktails at the bar and you will be surprised with the premium beverages. The delightful appetizers and distinguished cuisines are soulful.

Stay productive

The lounges also allow you to stay productive while you wait for your flight. At times during business travel, there may be instances when you need to board a different flight or your flight schedule is changed in such cases you can still continue your work at the workstation in the lounges. The terminals have robust technology and they are designed to keep the momentum with impeccable services. You can utilize the workstation to continue your video conferencing, access free high-speed WIFI, make presentations, take prints, and many more.

Relaxation and entertainment

The lounges include shower suites, exceptional spa services which will help you rejuvenate after a long journey. The spa services are real stressbusters and help your body and mind to calm down. The terminals keep you entertained with a huge area to play games that consist of video game consoles, arcade games ensuring you have the best time at the airport.

Wrapping up

The travel-friendly airline industry attempts to make the journey a beautiful one with an upscale designed lounge. It makes the passengers feel comfortable and stay up to date with the amenities. The gigantic space used for the business class lounge represents the approach for customer delight in every facility.

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