What to Keep in Mind When you Buy Gymnastics Mats Online?

There are various factors to consider when looking to acquire a gymnastics mat at home. Our list of the essential qualities of home air track mats will help you find the right for your home at Kameymall. It would help if you kept in mind the following things while buying mats:

The thickness of the Mat

If your gymnast falls while tumbling on a too-thin mat, you won’t get the safety and cushioning you need. When a gymnast’s Mat is excessively thick, their hands or feet will sink into the Mat when they shouldn’t. It will prevent them from practicing their tricks. The thickness of a standard mat is approximately 1 3/8″.

The Mat Size

Consider where your gymnast will use the Mat before making a purchase. In addition, it should be large enough for a gymnast to practice stunts on. Because mats come in several sizes, it shouldn’t be challenging to locate a solution that meets both of your requirements.

Level of Competence

A gymnast’s ability level should be considered while selecting a practice mat. Mats created for beginners may not be safe for more advanced gymnasts to practice their moves on. If you’re starting in gymnastics, you’ll want to utilize a specifically designed mat to help you progress.


Prices for home gymnastics mats might vary widely based on the criteria above. They’re also less expensive than mats advertised for gyms and competitions. Beginners and young gymnasts might benefit from the cartwheel beam mat at home.

Gymnastics Mats for Home Practice – Available in a Variety of Styles

Mats for household use come in a variety of styles and materials. Detailed descriptions of the most popular mats are provided below.

Mats that Fold

Folding mats are a common type of gymnastics mat, both in the gym and at home. It is possible to find folding mats in various colors and sizes. They fold up for easy storage. 4 feet by 8 feet is the most common in terms of width and length. These air track mats typically have Velcro-fastened to the ends to make a longer mat. Panel mats and folding mats are other names for paneled mats.

The advantages of folding mats and tumbling mats are the same, as are the lengths and thicknesses that they come in. Our favorite folding/panel mats are the Tumbl Trak Tumbling Mats. If you’re looking for a tumbling mat with just the right amount of padding, no slip, and the ability to connect numerous mats, these are for you.

Extra-Long or Connectable Mats

Extra-long or connectable mats may be a preferable alternative if you want your gymnast to be able to do a series of moves together. Make sure you have enough space for the size of the appliance. The velcro strap at the end of this 10-foot-long Mat lets you connect additional mats. Portable Gymnastics Mat by Polar Aurora You may also want to check out this 8 feet long folding Mat from Resilite (made in the USA) or from We Sell Mats (made in China) (One of our favorite brands).

Mats for Cartwheels

Gymnasts can learn how to make a cartwheel by following the placement of their hands and feet on the Mat. Even after the gymnast has mastered the cartwheel, handstands and handstand rolls can be practiced on the Mat. It’s common for cartwheel beam air track mat to include a beam option. Flip the Mat over to reveal a practice beam if you’d like to use it.

To learn beam balance and other gymnastic skills, gymnasts can use this mattered practice beam. Beginners should use the Tumbl Chartwheel Bending Mats. Hand and foot guides are on one side of the Mat, while a beam-line guide is on the other. You can pick from a wide range of colors. When you or your athletes do not believe that they will require the hands and feet guidance, you may wish to select the Tumbl Trak Hopscotch Mat as an alternative.

Roll-up Mats

The look and feel of a competition floor can be replicated using a carpeted or Flexi-roll mat. Despite its shortcomings, it is an excellent choice for individuals who wish to become used to a competition floor’s feel in their environment. A carpeted mat’s best feature is that it can be easily rolled up and stored.

Inclined Mats

Young gymnasts learning how to roll backward or forwards would benefit from an incline mat. Log rolls can also benefit from the use of this Mat. An incline mat helps gymnasts develop body awareness and reduces the amount of stress on the body when they learn new skills. Because of the increased risk of injury, advanced gymnasts should avoid doing more difficult abilities on an inclined surface. A larger incline mat is preferable for a gymnast seeking a home gymnastics mat suited for more complex skills.


It would help if you chose the right choice for purchasing your Mat. Begin by reading up on the fundamentals and then familiarize yourself with them. The many types of mats that are out there in Kameymall.