What to Look Before Choosing a Drug Detox Center

Being addicted to any harmful substance is dangerous and can lead to many health issues to even death. If you want to find a drug rehab center for yourself or someone else, you should be careful. It is not actually an easy process to find a suitable drug detox center. Unfortunately, there are so many addiction treatment centers that purely focus on their monetary gain. So, they often neglect their responsibility and fail to give proper treatment. Here we give you the best south florida drug rehab center you should seek for help to resolve your drug addiction problem.

You can easily avoid them by asking some simple questions before choosing one detox center. In this article, we explained them. You can check Retreat of Atlanta for more info on how a perfect drug rehab center should be.

Proper Licensing and Accreditation

The first thing to check for a drug detox center is whether it has the required licenses and certificates or not. There are two types of certificates that these institutions can have. One is the state license. But keep in mind that different nations have various rules for their licensing eligibility. Then there is the standard license issued by CARF and Joint Commission. They have specific rules for issuing licenses, and they take multiple factors into accounts, such as practicality, performance, and outcomes, to determine the eligibility of a rehab center. Avoid addiction treatment institutions without any CARF or Joint Commission certification.

Individual Licensing

Just the organization having the right licensing is not enough. You also have to be sure whether the person that will run the drug treatment course has the necessary certifications. Trained clinical staff may own one of these credentials to prove his legitimacy-

  • Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC)
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC)
  • Certified Co-occurring Disorders Counselor (CCDP)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Keep in mind that if a drug treatment staff does not own one of them, they could not be suited for an effective result.

Science-Based Courses

A good drug rehab center will only run courses that are scientifically proven to be accurate and effective. Each of these courses has specific names, and they are specified for certain addiction types. So, you can check the treatments and research to see if there is scientific proof behind their effectiveness.

  • Some common legit treatment methods are-
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Twelve-Step Facilitation

Dual Diagnosis

Getting out of drug addictions is not simple. Often, people face mental issues, including depression, hopelessness, and loneliness during the treatment. As a result, a good addiction treatment center should also provide services for mental health treatment. It is called dual diagnosis, where both addiction and mental health treatment happens at the same time.

Final Note

Addiction treatments can be some long-lasting processes. They are also expensive. So, before choosing a drug rehab center, it is mandatory to look for the perfect ones. A good addiction treatment center will make sure to provide additional education related to your condition, necessary diet, exercise, and other matters. This knowledge does not only include you but your family too. Most of the time, substance addictions affect a whole family. So, it is also necessary to help other family members to get proper mental health treatment as well.