What To Look For In A Floating Dock Manufacturer


Floating docks have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There are many advantages of floating docks over stationary docks like their flexibility and ease-of-assembly. Due to the success of this innovative product, many companies have started manufacturing floating docks. It can be difficult to choose who to trust enough to buy something as important as a dock. It may seem like a tough decision, but if you know the basic points to consider, you can easily make an informed decision. 

This post will guide you regarding the different things you need to look for in a floating dock manufacturer.


A floating dock is only as good as the material used by its manufacturer. Like any dock, the floating docks are also manufactured to be used on and near water. The material used by the manufacturer will directly impact the life span of the floating dock.

Different materials are used by different manufacturers to produce floating docks. Some use aluminum, others use wood. Both these materials provide good enough docks that will serve the purpose well but they lack longevity. Being a metal, aluminum eventually corrodes while wood is susceptible to being spoiled.  

Good floating dock manufacturers use plastic as it possesses the positive features of both Aluminum and wood. One standout feature of plastic is that it will not corrode, or rust, or go bad. Plastic floating docks are lightweight, durable, easy to install, and customizable. So, if you go with plastic it will be a one-time investment without constant maintenance.

Quality and Price

Price is a very important factor to consider while choosing a floating dock manufacturer. There are loads of floating dock manufacturers to choose from. Some offer the best prices, others offer the best quality. Finding the right balance of the two can be very confusing for the buyer. 

In this scenario, our advice is to keep looking and do not compromise. Keep in mind, with the number of different manufacturers you will find one that offers the best quality product in your budget. The floating dock is not something you buy every day. It is a long-term investment and if the quality is not good enough you will be buying a new one very soon. 

Customization and Adaptability

A standout feature of floating docks is their easy customization. That is what takes floating docks a step above the stationary docks. The floating docks can be easily changed to accommodate the user’s needs. The combination of a few floats will be enough for a person who just wants to dock their boat. If you need a walkway on your waterfront house, you can attach as many floats as needed to build a walkway according to your design.

Floating docks are also very adaptable and easy to install. They can be installed on any body of water, and attached to any kind of structure. Plastic floating docks also adapt to the water surface, rising and lowering according to the tides. You can check out hiseadock.com to buy floating docks that are easily customizable to accommodate your needs. 

Types of Docks

Various manufacturers produce different types of floating docks to accommodate the differing demands of the consumers. Some manufacturers produce floating docks that are rigid and keep one form. For example, a walkway or a basic pontoon dock for jet skis. 

Other manufacturers provide the consumer with the ability to easily customize the floating dock. Certain manufacturers sell floating docks made up of single floats that can be assembled into any shape the customer requires. 

Customer Service

Installing and using a floating dock is a fairly easy job. Once the floating docks are installed they require very little maintenance, especially plastic floating docks. The only maintenance floating docks require is cleaning. A pressure washer will do an excellent job of cleaning your dock But, it is still good to have someone to talk to in case you face any problems while installing or using the floating docks. That is why it is important to choose a manufacturer that provides good quality customer service.


Floating docks are easy to install, customizable, and a cheaper alternative to the rigid and stationary docks. This post is to inform you about the factors you should keep in mind before choosing a manufacturer to buy from.

All the factors mentioned above are important but two that stand out are; quality of the floating docks and the materials used. We hope this little guide of ours will help you in making your mind up regarding where to buy from.

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