What to look for in a new car


There are few things as exciting as shopping for a new car. Whether it’s your first car or your fifth, there’s an undeniable thrill not only in settling behind the wheel for the first time but the whole experience leading up to it. But while scouring forums for reviews and discussing potential candidates with your friends at the pub can be fun, there are several more practical considerations that you should be making when shopping for your new ride.

Value for money

It’s common knowledge that most cars are depreciating assets. Indeed, there’s a famous statistic that states your car loses a decent chunk of its value the moment you drive off the dealer forecourt. So, getting your money’s worth is particularly important. Shop around for the best deals, and consider leasing as you can just trade it in for a newer model when the time comes. Or, better yet, why not shop for a second-hand car instead? You’ll be able to afford a far better used car than you would a completely brand new one, after all.

Environmental impact

Reducing your environmental footprint is a task everyone is burdened with and looking for a car that helps with this challenge will benefit you and the world in the long run. With the UK government’s recent pledge to stop producing diesel and petrol cars in the coming years and the major subsidies afforded electric car owners, it might be the right time to go electric. The infrastructure and technology are constantly evolving and once you’ve enjoyed the convenience of charging your car at home, you’ll never want to go back to the petrol station again.

Safety features

Your family’s safety is likely to be your number one concern when it comes to being out on the road. This means that making sure your car has well above the minimum required safety features should be close to the top of your list of considerations. Note that the newer the car, the more advanced its safety features are likely to be.

Fuel economy

Reduce the running costs of your car and benefit the environment in one fell swoop by focusing on the fuel economy of your next car. Fuel prices are always fluctuating and hit a major high in recent months and while a fully electric car is always going to have the very best fuel economy, newer cars such as the Nissan Qashqai have revealed themselves to be incredibly efficient.


Finally, while all of the above features are arguably more desirable, there is no denying you’d rather buy a car that looked good than one that looked like a bucket on wheels. Style isn’t everything, of course. But it’s definitely something!

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