What to Look For in a Shipment Tracking Solution


Today, there are lots of eCommerce stores where online shoppers can find and buy whatever they want. One of the major factors responsible for the growth in eCommerce stores over the years is seamless delivery. Now, people can easily shop in online stores from the comfort of their homes, and the items would be delivered to their doorstep after some days or weeks. It has made buying and selling a lot easier for online retailers and shoppers. People no longer worry about distance or store location since they know that their packages would be delivered to their doorstep. All these are made possible as a result of seamless delivery.

With the help of global package tracking, online shoppers can easily track their shipments from China using their ems tracking. This has removed all kinds of barriers related to distance and location. Furthermore, customers can easily check the status of their shipments at every point. This comes with peace of mind, knowing where your package is at every point in time.

Popular eCommerce stores like AliExpress, Alibaba, and Amazon attract customers from all over the world. Within a few weeks, customers who shop on these online stores receive their items without any delays or issues. Also, with their ePacket tracking number, customers can know the exact time their package would arrive.

Shipment tracking is particularly important to eCommerce businesses since it makes life a lot easier. Today, many of these eCommerce businesses use different types of package tracking services. However, not all package tracking services are the same in terms of functionality and reliability. So, how do you know the right tracking service to use for your eCommerce business?

The kind of tracking service you use will have a lot of impact on your business. A good one will give your customers a good shopping experience and encourage them to return for future purchases. On the other hand, a bad tracking service will leave your customers frustrated and even discourage them from making future purchases in your store. That is why it is important to choose one that is reliable and great in functionality. This article will look at what eCommerce business owners should look for when choosing a package tracking service.


One of the first things you should find out when looking for a global package tracking service is price. As you already know, pricing is very important when it comes to making an important business decision like this. You don’t want one whose pricing is too expensive. Find one that is affordable and reliable in terms of functionality. Most tracking services offer two kinds of plans, which are; monthly pricing and per shipment pricing. So, you need to decide on which of the pricing plans work best for you.

Variety of Shipping Solutions

As previously mentioned, package tracking services differ in terms of functionality. Some of these tracking services are multi-carrier, while others are single or specific carriers. Those that offer multi-carrier services can be used to track packages for a wide range of couriers, such as ems tracking, FedEx, UPS, USPS, ePacket tracking, and so on. If you own an eCommerce store, it would be better if you went for multi-carrier tracking services.

Improve Store Checkout

On the checkout page, a good tracking service should show customers the exact shipping rate for whatever they’re buying. This is very important, so customers would know the exact amount they are being charged for shipping.

International Shipping

If your eCommerce store sells to people in other countries, then you need to find a good shipment tracking service that can handle international shipments. That is, it should be able to calculate the appropriate taxes and duties for every location.

Benefits of Shipment Tracking For eCommerce Stores

Shipment tracking comes with a lot of benefits for eCommerce stores. Some of these major benefits are as follows:

Better Customer Experience

All eCommerce stores are looking for ways to improve their business, and one of the ways to go about this is by improving customer experience. For eCommerce stores, tracking and delivery of packages play an important role in the success of the business. Customers will have peace of mind knowing their shipments would be delivered to them within a specified period. With that in mind, they won’t have to worry about anything while making purchases in a store. This would help give them an enjoyable shopping experience.

On-Time Deliveries

Delayed deliveries are a major concern for eCommerce stores. However, package tracking solutions are very transparent. It allows businesses to deliver shipment packages on time to customers. This helps in eliminating slow shipment complaints by customers.

Eliminates Unnecessary Expenses

Shipment tracking services help eCommerce stores eliminate unnecessary expenses. For example, package loss in transit can lead to serious expenses for eCommerce stores. However, with tracking, package loss in transit is eliminated. For example, when a customer is yet to receive their package and the delivery period has passed, online retailers can easily track the package’s location with tracking details.

Better Service

With shipment tracking, online retailers are able to provide customers better service. They can ship packages anywhere in the world. Businesses do not have to worry about the location of customers since their packages will be delivered to them.

Peace of Mind

Finally, package tracking gives online retailers peace of mind. Online stores do not have to worry about shipped items since they can easily monitor the items while in transit with the tracking details. It gives them all the information they need to know about the package while in transit. It gives them confidence knowing that customers would receive their packages in good condition.

Shipment tracking is very important for businesses that sell to customers in other countries. It makes everything so much easier for them However, it would be best to look out for the factors listed above in the article before choosing a shipment tracking solution for your eCommerce business.


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