What to Look For when Buying a Composite Decking Sydney


When you purchase composite decking, you may be lacking in information on what exactly you should be looking for in a good decking. Even if you do have some information, some of that information may not be accurate, so it is important to seek out proper advice from composite decking Sydney who is an expert. Brite Decking has been around for a long time in this business.

Composite decking has more reliability and protection from the aspects even than pine, produced with timber fibers encased in plastic. But in value, not all composite decks are comparable. Here’s a look at how composite deck labels will vary in order to ensure you get the right deck for your savings:

  1. Recycled materials:- By utilizing reused timber and plastic, producers may create composite decking environmentally, but also not all firms take advantage of this profit. Composite decking materials can range from 100% renewable products to 100% virgin materials.
  2. Wood-to-plastic ratio:- There may often be differences in the proportion of timber to plastic. Many producers use a similar mix of wood and plastic, whereas up to 70 percent of timber is used in certain brands. A higher amount of wood means that mold and rot may be riskier to the finished product.
  3. Plastic-type:- High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastics, that come from heavy products such as milk jugs, detergent containers, and soda bottles, should be used in composite decks made from recycled products These plastics do not break down as quickly as weaker plastics, resulting in a deck that lasts longer.

Questions to query your builder about composite decking

If you have a deck built for you or you build it yourself, before buying composite decking products, you can query the following questions

What type of warranty does it have?

Composite deck warranties can range from a commitment for products of 10 to 20 years to a lifetime warranty. Find out what issues, such as termite disruption, testing, and splintering, are protected under the warranties. You may also ask what kinds of acts can void your warranty, such as painting.

How will the deck boards be fastened?

In order to connect deck boards to the structure, builders usually use nails or screws. This can expose moisture damage to neighboring timber and cause cracks or splitting. Some contractors can prevent such harm for an extra fee by using concealed deck clips to fasten the boards to the frame.

Does it have non-slippery safety for the decking product?

Using water or mildew, composite decks can become slippery. Search for a brand with a non-skid finish for extra safety.

What degree of fading should I expect?

Many composite decks, due to lignin in the wood fiber, can be faded further when exposed to the sun Some producers add UV defense to combat this.


Since composite decking can differ, it never hurts to ask your contractor for unique maintenance tips based on the decking brand you are purchasing. The above points will really help you to know about the different benefits of composite deck materials.


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