What to look for when buying led strips?


This universal fact is undeniable: the appropriate lighting may have a profound effect on the ambience of any house! This is one of the primary reasons we provide a wide variety of LED strips on our website. LED strips are a fantastic source of supplementary lighting, but they can also be used to add colour and modify the ambience of a space, depending on the time of day or season.

LED bands of 60 or more lights are used in these goods. In addition to being put in any location, these lights may be customised to emit the hue of your choosing.

Choosing between RGB and white LEDs is the first step

A wide variety of LED strips are available. A wide variety of colours, including red, green, blue, purple, orange, cyan, and white, maybe achieved with RGB LED strips. Buying LED strips to come with a remote that lets you alter the colours from afar.

You’ll undoubtedly want to spend more time outside now that spring is here. Your deck may be transformed into a nighttime wonderland with the installation of an LED strip light. Additionally, the remote that comes with the box may be used to choose between several settings, such as “Fade” or “Strobe.” Also, for the best quality LED strip at an affordable price, visit ledlyskilder.no today.

However, if you like, you may choose basic white LED strips. Warm white is typically 3000 K, neutral white is 4000 K, and cold white might be 6000 K or more.

Number of LEDs per square centimetre

Depending on the number of LEDs, certain bands are more expensive than others.

Choosing a strip with 9 LEDs per foot will result in a less brilliant strip.

Can you cut led lights strip? You should keep in mind that your strip is “cuttable,” which means that you may cut the strip at various intervals to make it fit appropriately in the required location, such as beneath the coffee table, under the outside stair rails, etc.” The more LEDs per foot there are, the better it will be in illuminating a specific region if you want to place the LED strip outside.

Evaluate the Reel’s Length

There are also a variety of LED strip lengths to choose from. Full reels, which are 16.4 feet in length, are among the longest strips you’ll discover. Strips of 3 feet, 6 feet, 9 feet, or 12 feet may be found in other bands, which are cut in 3-foot intervals.

It’s possible to trim your LED strip to fit your needs, but it’s recommended that you get a band that’s about the same width as the surface you want to cover.

Make careful first to measure the couch’s length if you want to instal an LED strip under it for ambient lighting at the foot. A 9-foot LED strip is probably the best length for your 8-foot-long patio couch.

Decide whether or not you need LED waterproof bands

In some instances, you may not need to have an IP65 certification for LED strips installed inside. However, an IP65 or higher-rated LED strip is advised for outdoor use, particularly surrounding your BBQ deck.

Verify the Voltage of Your LED Strips

The most common voltages for LED strips are 12V and 24V. Depending on where the band will be installed, it’s up to you to choose the right sort of band.

In the case of a camper van, a 12V LED strip could be the best option. This is because your LED strip may be powered by a 12V plug found in most recreational vehicles. You won’t have any issues using a 24V model, whether you’re installing it inside or out.

The LED Strip’s Brightness Should Be Checked

A brighter LED strip is likely to have a higher number of LEDs per foot than a lower-density strip. It is essential to realise that specific LEDs might be more potent than others, and you should be aware of this information.

Lumens, for example, are used to quantify the brightness of white LED strips. The more LEDs you have, the brighter your strip will be. The brilliance of RGB strips is expressed in millicandelas.

Compared to candela, a millicandela is thousand times less luminous. The candela is a universally accepted unit of brightness measurement.

Consider Adding More Accessory Pieces

Many LED strip accessories are available, including more sticky tape, an LED amplifier, and more. Mounting clips, on the other hand, are among the most critical.

These are perfect for outdoor use since they keep your LED strip in place no matter what the weather is like outside. Screwdrivers are all that is needed to attach the mounting clips that will hold your LED band in business for an extended period.

To put it simply,

With a bit of preparation and forethought, purchasing LED strip lights isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Keep in mind that you’re not restricted to using just one kind of LED band. Multiples may be placed about your patio or barbeque deck to create a lovely ambience at a low cost.


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