What To Look For When Investing In Whole House Water Filter Systems?

Of late, whole house water filter systems have gained popularity and appreciation thanks to the plethora of benefits they extend. Committed to keeping the water separated from contamination, these systems are a considerable investment for any household. There are 3-4 filtration steps involved in almost all the systems, and there exists an overwhelming variety in these set-ups. It, hence, becomes imperative to opt for the best whole house water filter in order to ensure that the colossal investment pays off.

It is recommended you do proper research or seek the expert’s guidance before installing this system at your place. It is only after assimilating all the required knowledge that you will learn that, indeed, the vortex water filter is the best that you can install in your house or commercial property. Here are certain aspects that should be gauged before you pursue the purchase.

The Filter Capacity

It is imperative to determine the amount of water the system can filter and produce per hour and the amount of water wasted to produce the same. If the water consumption at the place is bound to be high, the reverse osmosis system should be avoided considering its average filter capacity ratio of 1:4. This implies that for every 1 gallon of clean water produced, 4 gallons are wasted.

Carbon-based filters, on the other hand, are regarded as quite resourceful, with the least amount of water being flushed during the process. The next-generation technology filtration systems supersede them both in the efficacy. It ensures that the quality of the filtered water matches the standards of the reverse osmosis system, and the least amount of water is wasted.

The Nature Of Contamination

If you are planning to channelize your savings to this substantial system, it is necessary to assess the water quality of your household and the types of contaminants the system is expected to fight. Thus, a reliable water quality report will guide you in the process. If the water has high levels of TDS, a reverse osmosis system will be most effective, and if is there is inadequacy or excess of chlorine levels, a carbon-based filter will come in handy.

Filter Lifespan

The major determinants of the life of a filter system include its manufacturer, quality, model, the contaminants they are designed to remove, and their structure. These facets vary considerably from one type of filter to another. While a pre-sediment system needs to be replaced within 3 to 6 months, a carbon-based filter can remain worthwhile for 6 to 12 months, depending on the use. Conversely, the membranes of an RO system need to be replenished once every 2 years. Comprehensive research will furnish you will all the required information in the aspect.

System Size

Since the system has to filter water right at the beginning, the system needs to be installed at the supply point of the house before it reaches the heating system. You need to set aside a place for the set-up, which keeps the system reachable for replacement purposes. Two main factors that need to be measured in this respect include the physical size of the filter and the space available. A proper look at the filter’s model and the manufacturer can give you the necessary insight into the size concerns.


 It is vital to ensure that the filters uphold certifications from WQA or NSF International. Systems certified from WQA reassure the customer about the integrity of the manufacturing company and the effectiveness of the product in removing the contamination. Moreover, it assures that all the ethics and values laid down by WQA are being followed.

An NSF certification can be attained after rigorous testing, auditing, and confirmation from a third party regarding the product’s compliance with the prevalent standards of safety, quality, and functioning.  These certifications duly reflect on the suitability of the product for your household.

Seek Help From Professional Reviews

It is indispensable to skim through reviews of different products before opting for the best whole house water filter system. An upright review walks you through all the substantial parameters of a product, systematically giving the necessary details. The most prominent specifics involve the name of the manufacturer, the size of the product, its functions, its special features, and its durability.

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