What to look for when selecting a Body Corporate Management Company

Selecting the best body corporate manager for your property can be a confusing and tedious task because many strata management services companies keep coming, making it hard to pick the best for your property. And when we go ahead and include the corporate body members to decide who to use, it can be a total disaster with the overwhelming choices and ideas. Additionally, finding the best criteria to follow to help select a body corporate management company can also be tricky due to their expertise and various factors you need to consider.

And when we put legislation into the picture, it becomes a daunting task. Remember, different states have unique compliance requirements and legislation you have to follow that directly affect the body corporate.

But below are some of the key things to consider when selecting a body corporate.

Experience level is key in the decision.

A company with many years of experience clearly shows they have been in the game long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t. It shows they can acquire the needed skills to run your property effectively and have been able to handle different strata communities over the years.

The qualifications they have acquired.

After the experience, qualification is key. With several years of experience and good qualification makes the perfect manager for your property. Try asking questions to gauge if they have acquired the needed skills to manage your property effectively, and with questions, you can gauge if their level of qualifications is as true as they claim. Also, try and make sure that the manager has relevant information for residential and commercial properties, liability, finance, plus planning. These are essential in effective management of a strata community. 

Ensure there are clear expectations set

For a smooth relationship with your body corporate manager, you need to ensure you set clear expectations. Clear expectations help reduce unnecessary arguments as it gives certainty of the services to be delivered. Take time and discuss this thoroughly with your manager and get a good understanding of the services they can offer. 

The manager should have good reporting skills.

God repotting skills is important when you need to make timely and informed decisions. Updated reports make it easy for analysing as you understand the information presented. At the same time, you can identify trends and meet up with respective stakeholders if need be. While discussing the expectations with your manager, ensure you discuss their reporting capabilities.

Final thoughts

Getting a good body corporate manager makes your life much easier as they can offer various strata management services, like addressing any new legislation that comes up promptly, offering good reports to help in decision-making, responding to maintenance quarries on time, and resolve any disputes that might arise. If you notice the management company is not offering the services you expected, you can always change and look for an alternative, no need to waste time and money on a service you don’t enjoy.