What To Look For When Upgrading Your Off-Roading Rims Tires


If you want to build the ultimate off-road truck or SUV, one of the most valuable upgrades you can make is to your wheels and tires. After all, your tires are what contact the trail. So, if you want to get more grip in challenging situations, you need the right tires. Similarly, larger wheels can help you take on tougher obstacles. Knowing what to look for in rims and tires can help you make your off-road build. Ask a professional if you need to learn more about coilovers.

Wheels & Tires

There are a few different types of off-road tires. The most common variety is all-terrain tires. Grade a set of all-terrain 37 inch tires and you will be ready for most obstacles on the trail. As the name suggests, these tires are intended for a wide variety of terrain types. This naturally makes them very flexible. However, they won’t specialize in any areas. They are also generally good for on-road travel even if they are a little less comfortable than standard road tires.

Mud, snow, sand or other terrain tires are specialist tires. They have special tread patterns and rubber compounds that make them excel in their respective environments. They tend to be uncomfortable on the road. Plus, they will usually not perform very well in environments they aren’t designed for. Nonetheless, if you want to really excel in a muddy setting, for example, you need mud-terrain tires.

Finally, there are hybrid tires. These are between specialist and generalist tires. They offer better off-road performance and are a little more aggressive than all-terrain tires. However, they do not require as many compromises as specialized tires.

Wheels are a little less complicated. You will want to find a set of tires that will work with your desired tires and vehicle height. Plus, many off-road rims are designed to be extra tough. You may want to opt for steel over aluminum alloy because steelies are much tougher, especially off-road. Otherwise, just pick a set of wheels that you like. You may want black lugnuts, for example.


When you upgrade your wheels, you should also give some attention to your suspension. To get the best off-road tires, you may need to lengthen your suspension. Plus, if you want to handle the most challenging terrain, you will need appropriately performant suspension.

You may want to swap out your stock struts for king coilovers, for example. Alternatively, you may simply want to install a lift kit to give your vehicle the height it needs for off-road wheels. With the right suspension upgrade, you can ensure that you will get the most from your wheels and tires. High-quality suspension will help to keep your truck or SUV planted on the trail.

Get New Off-Road Rims and Tires Today

Are you ready to upgrade your off-road vehicle today? Check out some of the wheel and tire options available to you. The most important considerations are your suspension and wheels. If you get those right, a decent set of rims will likely serve your needs. Get started searching.

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