What to pay attention to when renovating a bathroom?

Renovation is a very energy consuming process. And depending on the amount of work that needs to be done we plan our timetable. However, if we talk about bathrooms, we need a more complex approach than for other rooms in the apartment. Because it is not only about cosmetic changes, the plumbing is there as well. Just in case you forgot, for comfortable living ideas, go to https://roomtodo.com/en/4709/bathroom_planner/. Meanwhile we will help you cope with bathroom enhancement.

  1. Choose the color of the walls considering the size of your room and the style you picked for it. Nowadays neutral natural shades are very hot. Look through the tile or paint options and do not forget to try everything out together in the bathroom planner online. Because the colors have to match.
  2. Use the materials that are not only beautifully combined together, but also water resistant. Because you do not want to do another renovation in a year or two, or do you? Anyways, a practical approach is going to save you a lot of money, if you think this through.
  3. Think thoroughly before choosing a bath or a shower. Make your decision based on both size of the room and your personal preferences. As nowadays there are options of both compact baths and big showers, everything depends on the taste. And of course, both options can be found of a needed shape, size and color.
  4. Plan the lights before starting the renovation altogether. A common mistake during bathroom remakes is thinking about the lighting when the ceiling and the walls are done. It may work with loft style, where the wires are open to the guest’s sight, but for all the other styles you should be ready with the lighting plan beforehand.
  5. Sometimes in modern apartments it is needed to place a couple of sockets in the bathroom. Think about covering them with a special plastic pad – to protect it from water and humidity. These pads are easily brought up when you need to use the socket and are a great way to avoid short circuits.
  6. Do you really need a washbasin? Are you sure? There are bathrooms which did not have a washbasin in the first place, and it does not mean that you need to put it there. Sometimes a bath is enough, and instead of a basin you can put a shelf under your mirror with cosmetics and other stuff.
  7. Prepare for ventilation. If the bathroom does not have enough air circulation, the humidity is going to ruin the renovation in the room or even outside of it. So, vent is highly important. Also, right now you can simply call a ventilation master to estimate your bathroom and solve this problem quickly and for good.
  8. How much renovating will you be doing to your bathroom? A full bathroom renovation produces a lot of waste. Having a dumpster rental at your location will save you time and money as you’re working.