What To Wear To Axe Throwing


The game not only liberates insecure people but also unites even strangers. The excitement appears during the party, and it is essential to choose the right clothes so as not to spoil all the fun. Girls should refuse to go in evening dresses and massive accessories. Refrain from sitting at a table and watching others play – it’s boring.

Spectacular competition

Throw axe is a fun and active activity. Thanks to it, you can abstract yourself from everyday life, and it also perfectly trains the coordination of movements and develops agility. If you are the first time, you can familiarize yourself with classic throwing techniques, learn how to have freedom of movement and learn how to work from different positions by using an instructor’s services. The coach will be with you during the whole session, reveal the secrets of skill, and help you learn and pump new abilities.

Is there a dress code?

Do not wear dressy expensive blouses and office shirts. For men, a T-shirt or a simple shirt will be fine. Women can wear a tennis shirt or a sweatshirt, in which it will not be hot. Remember that it is a very active game. Jeans, pants, T-shirt, shorts – clothes that do not restrict movement are perfect. First of all, you should be comfortable and cozy. You should also take into account the following points:

  • the material from which the clothes are made should be made of natural fabrics, if possible, to ensure effective heat exchange;
  • the style of clothing should not be too tight and slim but also not too wide so as not to get tangled;
  • it is better to change into flat-soled shoes before the game;
  • it is much more comfortable to throw axe in clothes with short sleeves than with long sleeves. 

The democracy of the rules for choosing clothes is very pleasing because there are no critical restrictions on styles and colors. Consequently, your image should be light and comfortable. 

Girls should keep their hair in a ponytail during the game so that they do not interfere and do not distract attention.

What is important besides clothes?

To make the evening at extremeaxe.com bring a lot of positive emotions, you need to: 

  • dress in such a way that it is comfortable to move actively;
  • take some friends for team spirit and a competitive atmosphere;
  • choose the right axe for throwing.

We hope these simple tips will help you navigate what to wear and enjoy a good time. Have a great evening and good marksmanship with Extreme Axe!

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