What type of car should I rent for my vacation?


There are various types of rental cars available. Choosing one for your vacation may be challenging. But some guidelines from HyreCar will make it possible to easily hire a car for your vacation or any other purpose. There are various vehicle classifications, and they come with optional extras hence the need to consider the tips below.

Here are the guidelines on what type of car you should rent for your vacation.

1. Size and features

Most rental car companies lease the cars based on the category. We will discuss a few common categories in various companies. They are classified based on the number of doors, capacity, and gas mileage per gallon. The categories include the premium, Luxury, and SUV.  One may also choose a convertible or electric and hybrid car.

2. Number of people going on vacation

You should consider the number of people going on vacation so that you get a car that has enough space for all of them. Remember they will also come with their luggage. It is good to factor in that aspect too. It is good to find out how much luggage each of the people going on vacation brings along. That way, you will choose a car that has enough capacity for the suitcase. For extra equipment and oversize items, the rental company does not account for it. You should check on the capacity of the car you wish to hire first and determine if all the items you are carrying along for your vacation will fit.

3. Type of vacation

Some people take a vacation to go skiing, to the beach, or even take a city break. If you are taking a vacation as a family, all these factors will influence the type of car you will choose. For couples on a romantic getaway, they may choose a small car. It consumes less fuel and may fit even in smaller spaces. It is also economical since they need less capacity. Going to the beaches, one may opt for all-terrain cars which include the SUV and convertible. The same case applies to ski vacations since you need a large capacity to carry all the equipment.  There are many great places to visit like Germany and you can find great options like these luxury cars in Cannes.

4. Rental car insurance

If you are using a credit card, some companies may offer rental car insurance. But in most cases, you will find that insurance is not comprehensive. It is a good idea to look for a good rental car insurance cover. You may get such an offer at the car rental services but they may be a bit more expensive.

5. Car restrictions

Before you sign the rental car contract, it is good to check on the restrictions and review the interior and exterior of the car for any damage that you could potentially be held accountable for upon return of the car. Common restrictions include how many people and of what age can drive the car, and the mileage. Though you may get a cover that offers unlimited mileage, some companies may impose a restriction that you must drive within a certain location.

With these simple guidelines, and by comparing various rental car companies’ services, you can choose the best car for your vacation.

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