What Type of Online Gamer Are You?

The stereotype of the gamer has changed. Once a vision of a somewhat idle teenager surrounded by dirty dishes as he games away into the early morning has been replaced with superstar status, winning fortunes at large arenas or even signing for an elite sports teams. There has even been findings to suggest that playing video games can be good for our health!

Online gamers are usually categorised by the type of platform they use and the games they play. Some platforms are more appealing than others to gamers because of the games on offer – and console developers need to have game developers on side. Research has found that the PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4 remain the top consoles that game creators are most interested in developing for.

The research may be complemented by the surge in online gambling, with many people using desktops to access online casino accounts. However, this point could be debated because the best casinos like Royal Vegas make their games playable on mobile devices too.

Here we will run through the different types of platforms that gamers are using the most but we recommend you click first the link to check out the most trusted immortal Minecraft servers. 

So, what type of online gamer are you?

PC Gaming

PC gaming has always been a gamers’ favourite because PC’s offer the best visuals compared to consoles. This is probably also a reason why game developers are so keen to make PC games compared to any other platforms.

One of the best ways to take advantage of the improved graphics is to kit out your PC with gaming equipment such as a controller. Using a keyboard can be what puts some gamers off choosing their PC as their number-one platform.


Smartphone gaming has taken off because of the development of app games. Social games from social media have also forwarded the movement. Just as the aforementioned online casinos that are bringing out their own apps and making their games available to play on the go.

Angry Birds was a cornerstone moment for mobile gaming and Pokémon Go has also been a big step by bringing augmented reality to everyone’s smartphone.


It is estimated that more than 80% of teenagers have access to a console at home. With new consoles taking a grip of the market every few years this is not expected to slow down. The only thing that could overtake these consoles is the creation of an independent virtual reality headset.


Arcade gaming looked to be dying off in the buzz of the digital revolution, but many have come back to seek out a game of pinball, Pac Man and other classics – hipsters included.

It is not uncommon to find a city bar dedicated to nostalgic gaming like the above, and it can still be a truly engaging form of gameplay, taking you back to your childhood.

Or Are You a…

Sites like Twitch have given rise to gaming influencers who stream gameplay grow a following and become authoritative voices in the industry. This is possible with any or multiple gaming platforms and can lead to a lucrative and dream career for gamers.