What type of tools you need to weed a flower bed

A well-kept flower bed can significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Besides, it can also be a nice DIY project to try out with your kids or other family members in your free time. It’s a perfect way to bond. However, for you to do it right, you need to have the right tools. This shouldn’t be hard to do, as sites like Cozy Down Home offer lots of amazing reviews on different gardening tools. However, to make things easier for you, here are a few tools that you need to weed a flower bed.

1. A hoe

This is the primary tool that you need when weeding a flower bed, and is very useful in removing weeds that are just starting to sprout. When using a hoe, one needs to be careful, since it can easily damage the flower’s roots. Hoes are available in different shapes and sizes. As such, the look shouldn’t confuse you when shopping for one. The shape is largely a matter of aesthetics.

2. Gloves

Sometimes you need to use your hands to get rid of the weeds. This is especially practical when the weeds are overgrown and intertwined with the flowers. To pull them out, you need a good pair of gloves to protect your hands. Leather gloves are usually the best for this purpose. They give you a good grip, while at the same time protecting your hands from blisters caused by direct contact with the weeds. For gloves to work perfectly, you need to get a pair that fits. Otherwise, you will experience lots of discomfort while working.

3. A garden sprayer

Sometimes pulling out the weeds may not be that practical. That’s because, some weeds have such deep roots that, pulling them out would end up destroying the flowers. In such a case, the best way to get rid of them is to spray with herbicides. To do this, you need a good garden sprayer. Sprayers come in either manual or electric. With a manual one, you have to pump using your hands for the herbicide mixture to come out. On the other hand, with an electric garden spray, you just power it, and it will start spraying and you can spend time looking for cheap weed.

4. A Respirator

This is only useful if you intend to get rid of weeds by spraying. Its purpose is to protect you from inhaling dangerous chemicals that may affect your respiratory system. However, if you don’t work on your flower bed that often, a single strap dust mask can work just fine.  That’s because, herbicides are usually taken through a safety test before they hit the market. As such, minimal exposure, and with a dust mask on, you are unlikely to experience any effects.

5. A wheelbarrow

Once you are done with getting rid of the weeds, you will need to take them to the trash. For this, you need a wheelbarrow. It comes in handy in carrying the weeds from the flowerbed to your preferred disposal location.