What Vaping Does to Your Throat?

Vaping’s fast-spreading popularity has been a topic for debate lately. A school of thought links this sudden demand surge to the increasing ‘quit smoke’ campaign.

With the growing awareness about smoking’s many possible side effects, vaping is widely promoted as a lesser evil.

While inhaling vapor may actually be less harmful, it sure comes with its bouts of health concerns. Among others, this article discusses vaping’s effect on your throat and pro prevention tips.

What vaping does to your throat

As vaping surges, one common complaint among users, particularly greenhorns, is that vaping leaves them witha sore throat. From product reviews to social media comments, there’s increasing concern among new vapers.

Why do vapers have a sore throat?

Here are likely causes of sore throat in vapers:

Nicotine withdrawal

Sore throat is common after a switch from smoking to vaping. Your preferred e-juice may be the main reason for your throat irritation. Nicotine levels vary across different flavors. A switch from nicotine-rich traditional tobacco to a low- or zero-level vape flavor may trigger nicotine withdrawal symptoms, of which a sore throat is common.

Other symptoms may include insomnia, headaches, cough, stomach issues, etc. Collectively, these withdrawal symptoms are referred to as smokers’ flu.

Although vaping has been widely promoted as effective for smoking cessation and a sure way to wean off nicotine, research is still underway to confirms its effectiveness and possible side effects.

Too-high Propylene Glycol Concentration

Too high Propylene Glycol(PG) in your e-juice may also cause a sore throat. PG is an ingredient in your e-liquid, which helpsimprove your throat hits. However, the same content has been linked toincreased chances of a sore throat.

For this condition, you’ll need to stay well hydrated or go for a vape juice with higher Vegetable Glycerin (VG) content.

Dry Hit

A dry hit strikes when you attempta draw without an e-juice in your unit. This sensation comes with an uncomfortable burning effect. While this is another cause of a sore throat, this condition heals overtime, even without any particular interventions.

To avoid this disposable vape problem, ensure you monitor your vape juice levels from time to time. Thankfully, most vaporizers are thoughtfully designed to allow you to gauge your e-liquid status.

Vaping style

If you’re used to massive draws with your tobacco, you may need to slow down with your vape. While such deep draws are typical with cigarette smoking, applying the same intensity with vaping can cause a sore throat. Tobacco comes with some chemicals as well as anesthetics which manage the adverse effects of inhaling irritants.

This is scarce with e-liquids, which, although they have fewer chemicals, leave your throat sored.

For greenhorns, the mouth-to-lung approach remains the most preferred technique. This involves taking short slow draws and hoarding the puff in your mouth shortly before finally inhaling into the lungs.

This practice helps curb coughing and throat irritation. With experience, you may explore other methods like the direct-to-lung approach, which delivers vapor right into your lungs.

Now you know the likely cause(s) of your sore throat and some tips to prevent them, here are general ways to handle your vaping-induced sore throats.

How Can I Handle Throat Irritation?

Simply, stay hydrated.

E-liquid developed by top brands like Vapeshire.com is your best bet. Such reputable brands contain safe and effective portions of e-liquids. Many e-liquids on the market containfew ingredients, including nicotine, oil base (basically Vegetable Glycerol(VG), and Propylene Glycol(PG) or a mix) and flavorings.

PG and VG are included primarily toreduce liquid nicotine’s boiling point and ensure it evaporates with combustion and fire. Still, PG and VGplay different roles.

While PG gives the widely craved throat hits, VG accounts for the large clouds and thick vapor.

Since VG and PG attract moisture, too frequent vaping can cause a dry mouth and, in turn, cause a sore throat. One great way around this is to maintain proper hydration. For this, consider having water around always during your vaping sessions.

Summarily – quick tips

If you get dry hits while vaping, you may consider using e-liquids with more VG concentration. The high-VG liquid comes thicker and helps the heating coil stay moist.

If vaping causes you a sore throat, here are helpful tips:

  • Stay well hydrated

  • Check your juice’s PG concentration – you may need more PG

  • Take short slow drags

  • Avoid dry hits by having enough juice.

  • Consider your vape style