What we all need to know about the post-lockdown night on the town


Ensure that your food and drink menus are professionally translated by Linguation.com and be ready for the new ordering apps

Customers order and pay using ordering app

Post-lockdown we are now venturing back to bars, pubs and restaurants. But nights out are likely to be a little different in the new normal. Pubs, bars and restaurants are looking for ways to reduce contact between staff and customers and between customers and customers. For a start, table service is now customary, which in many English-speaking countries is different from the usual pub culture.

However, table service does add a nice continental feel to a night out and does importantly stops unnecessary social contact from queuing at the bar. But it is important to note that many bars and restaurants are going even further. Instead of waiting staff taking your order, bringing your bill and taking payment, many eating and drinking establishments have introduced apps so customers order and pay via their mobile phones.

Online translation agency, Linguation.com, can provide professional translation of any menus and other information needed to facilitate the use of these apps in your establishment.

Ordering apps and multilingual menus

There are many ordering apps on the market. Ordering apps are not entirely new and some places have had these already in place but they were previously usually not the only way a customer could place a food or drink order. Now, the COVID-19 situation has seen an increase in these apps being used exclusively, that is, without any alternative way to order. 

Basically, these apps allow customers to read your menu, order and pay from the comfort of their table, limiting contact with staff. Many apps also allow customers to book tables and give their details for tracking and tracing purposes, cutting down further the need for social contact.

Many pubs, bars and restaurants are offering loyalty points and other deals, such as a free starter or pudding for using their app. All this needs to be communicated to customers. And importantly, without the personal service, customers will need to know what there is to eat and drink. Menus need to be clear and accessible to all customers. Multilingual menus are a good idea.Linguation.com can provide the translation of your food and drink menus in a variety of languages, providing that all important reassurance to speakers of other languages; it is always good to be sure what you are ordering. 

Online system provides a quick and easy quote

As well as the translation of food and beverage menus for uploading to your ordering app, Linguation.com can professionally translate any posters or website information informing customers of the new ordering procedures. Customers will ideally know prior to their visit about the new ordering processes, at the very least to ensure they have a smartphone. Communication is paramount so customers don’t feel awkward or frustrated if they don’t know how the system works.

If cash payment is no longer accepted, this really should be made clear prior to ordering to avoid unnecessary embarrassment. Linguation.com can support with this customer communication and provides translation of texts whatever the length. Simply upload the text you want translated, choose the language combination and get an instant price quote.

Moreover, if your menu is a PDF, this can also be uploaded to the Linguation.com system for a price quote. Furthermore, Linguation.com will provide your menu translation in the same format and design as the original document wherever at all feasible. It couldn’t be easier to make sure that your customers can access and understand your menu and app system. More information about online translation agency Linguation.com may be found at: https://www.linguation.com/en/

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