What We Attached to Just One 4Runner Metal Molle Panel


We were intrigued when someone suggested that we bought a metal molle panel for the back of our 4Runner and decided to try one out for ourselves. We’d been moaning to our friends about our new SUV’s lack of storage space and they told us to quit griping and sort it out.

We ordered it online and it came the next day and I admit to being a bit underwhelmed when it arrived, as I’d not seen one before and didn’t know what to expect. When I installed it, which didn’t take as long as I thought it might, we began attaching the various pouches and grips.

We like to travel prepared on the heavy side, so there was quite a bit in our trunk already. What we were able to attach to the panel was nothing short of staggering.

Incredible Storage Capacity

Around an hour and a half after first opening the box of our new metal molle panel, we had everything that we usually take out with us neatly stored. Want to know what that included? Then read on!

We were able to attach:

  • 3 separate maglites, 2 incandescent and one LED
  • Disposable lighters
  • A multi-tool
  • A mini first aid kit
  • A utility knife & a pocket knife
  • A case for our camera accessories to include tripod, filters, microfiber cloths and a USB drive
  • An ARB inflator – as who wants to blow up the beds by mouth?
  • Our headlamp plus batteries
  • Cutlery for camping mealtimes
  • 2 flares
  • A hatchet for firewood
  • 3 x Quickfist grips for a wrench, a screwdriver and a pack of glowsticks

So, it’s worth reiterating that this was just one metal molle panel. A single panel enabled us to get everything off the floor of our truck’s trunk. In fact, we were so impressed with it that we bought another panel for the other side of our 4Runner and packed even more stuff for when we go camping.

It would be fair to say that it’s transformed what we now consider taking when we go out and we always know where everything is. The fact that there is a pouch for pretty much everything we take, makes it obvious when we’ve not put things back too, so it helps organisation in more ways than one.

A Wise Way to Spend Your Leisure Dollars

We’ve spent a fortune on camping over the years, so we’ve paid for more than our fair share of truck accessories that promised more than they delivered. Our metal molle panel definitely doesn’t not fit into this category, as it has truly changed how we use our truck and given us more space than we ever thought possible.

We’re certainly not the self-righteous types and we’re not the sort to say “you simply must by this!”, but take it from us that this unassuming metal grid that you fix to the inside of your 4Runner or indeed, any other sort of truck is well worth the cost. Whether you do or not is entirely up to you, but if it’s a recommendation you’re after, then we 100% recommend buying one.

What our friends have noticed is that we don’t moan about our Tacoma storage problems any more, basically because we don’t have them now. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new truck because of storage problems – wait at least until you’ve tried one of these bad boys!

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