What You Didn’t Know About Sports Betting In The Philippines

Sports betting isn’t new to Filipinos. They have been engaged in such activity since the sixteenth century. At that time, there were legal and illegal forms of gambling all over the place. Compared to today, sports betting is more organized.

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation acts as a body that oversees gambling in the Philippines. They operate quite many casinos and are responsible for giving out licenses to both new and old operators.

Evelyn Balyton, an expert at Mightytips Philippines, shares with us her experience. You can check out her profile here. Interestingly, Filipinos are more interested in gambling today than they were some few years back. Indeed it has become a point of tourist attraction when integrated with resorts and hotels.

A Little History Lesson

It is known that gambling was around before the Spanish colonization. Before the Spanish arrived in the Philippines, betting was ongoing. However, no one knows when and where it was first practised. Indeed, there is a history of betting games known to the Philippines.

Also, some forms were brought in by the Chinese due to migration between both countries. Americans also played a role. During these migrations and trades, bets were becoming a thing during free time. Certainly, we can say for the fact that it started as cockfighting.

Cockfighting, which is also known as Sabong, has been associated with Filipinos. They also have legal and illegal matches. These activities marked the beginning of gambling in the Philippines. Today, it has evolved into a much attractive platform that includes an online platform.

In the Philippines, most bookmakers are registered under the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). This is the body that is responsible for guiding the affairs of bookmakers. They run casinos and also provide licenses for their operations.

PAGCOR is an influential body. Their activities have caused a great breakthrough in legalizing sports betting in the Philippines. Also, they have been able to curb the activities of fake websites and illegal sportsbooks. Filipinos can now engage in gambling without being afraid of a fraudulent website. This is indeed a big and significant breakthrough for online gambling.

Introducing Sports Betting

Sports betting has evolved continuously and consistently in the Philippines. Today, we have a more sophisticated platform to place bets. Punters can conveniently place bets from the comfort of their homes via mobile devices. There are also sportsbooks app that can be downloaded to bet on the go. Indeed, technology has changed the face of gambling in the Philippines.

Sports betting involves making a prediction about sports results followed by placing a bet on that particular outcome—punters whose predictions are right to get rewarded while those whose predictions are wrong to lose their stake. Indeed, sports betting is a serious business.

Ideally, sports betting has been a tool that has lifted many Filipinos out of poverty and set them on their journey to financial freedom.

How To Select A Sportsbook

What You Didn’t Know About Sports Betting In The Philippines

There are lots of sportsbooks that are accessible by Filipinos. However, a sportsbook choice could be cumbersome if you don’t know what to look out for. There are features that a sportsbook should have before they can make your list. Here are some features we make use of when selecting a sportsbook.

  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Customer supports and care
  • License
  • Types of bets
  • Payment methods
  • Types of odds available
  • Withdrawals and deposit limits

All these features should be considered before selecting a sportsbook. To create a fantastic gaming experience, the choice of a sportsbook should not be taken lightly. A poor sportsbook would not give a gambler a memorable experience.

Top Sportsbook In The Philippines

As earlier mentioned, there are lots of sportsbooks out there. However, it’s a mixed combination of good and bad. Here, we have taken out time to sort out the good from the bad. Our list of top sportsbooks is matchless. We considered certain factors, and we watched out for consistency.

One of the most prominent sportsbooks in the Philippines is Betfair. Betfair offers you a 100% deposit bonus upon signing up. In addition to this, Betfair also offers you a $30 free bet bonus should you lose a bet of the same stake amount. Filipino punters are treated to a wide range of sports betting markets including football, F1, horse racing, tennis, UFC, esports and lots more.

The user interface is friendly and smooth, with a sliding tab displaying relevant information to new punters. Payment options abound with Betfair as users can make deposits and withdrawals via PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. The customer support can be reached via a live chat feature or email for prompt resolution of issues. The sportsbook is available both on mobile and desktop with a downloadable mobile application. As their name implies, Betfair issues punters a fair chance at winning with competitive odds and fast payouts.