What You Need to Know Before Buying a Compressor

Air compressors are powerful and most useful devices that can be used to engage other devices. This works in a basic science idea where you can store air in a container and use the pressure; it will release the power to the connected devices.

Although there are several air compressors on the market, it is easy to lose sight of what you really need to look for when you want to purchase one. Here are some of what you need to know before buying a compressor to ensure that you choose the right one.

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What You Need to Know Before Buying a Compressor


Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is a calculation of AIR FLOW. Larger motors on compressors will provide more air or higher CFMs. Multiple tools can increase the air demand on an air compressor at once or by more technicians using air. Processes that constantly use air can use much more air than the occasional use of pneumatic wrenches, such as paint spraying. Various air compressors are available, depending on the role the compressed air performs, either intermittent use or continuous use. For continuous service cycles, a rotary style compressor is best, whereas a reciprocating compressor is best for occasional use because it needs time to cool off.

Tank Size / Capacity

Tank Size in Gallons is a measurement of AIR VOLUME. An air system can be supplied by compressors and store air in tanks or receivers. Compressors may be constructed along with or separate from air tanks. A tank’s larger capacity or greater gallon size means it can hold more oxygen. Higher flow rates or longer discharge times when coming out of the tank can be accomplished with more air volume.

Configuration of Equipment

BASE MOUNTED, TANK MOUNTED, HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, and even PORTABLE can be CONFIGURATIONS of air compressor. There is a setup to fulfill certain needs, depending on choice or application. For large machines that supply large air loads, base-mounted units are suitable, but they require an air tank or receiver to store the air generated. When floor space is necessary, tank-mounted units can be more compact. Tank-mounted units are even more lightweight with built-in air dryers, given that the dryer needs no additional piping or floor space. Portable systems, whether hand bore, wheeled, truck-mounted, or towed, might transport the device to the job site.


PSIG is a measurement of PRESSURE that will be written as a Pounds per Square Inch in Gauge. Air compressors can produce and discharge air at ranges of pressures, such as 100, 125, 150, or 175 PSIG. What pressure is needed depends on the device or method for which the air is used. Air tanks or receivers are loaded with compressed air without putting a direct demand on the air compressor and store it for later use. But when the air in the receiver is used, the pressure decreases. The compressor will kick on when the pressure is low enough to meet its set point and start compressing air again to bring the pressure back up.


Either electricity or gas can power air compressors. Choose between the two versions, depending on the way you want to use it. For the electrically driven air compressors are usually designed with 110 or 220-volt plug-ins. Although gas-powered compressors are more powerful than electric powered compressors, gas-powered compressors appear to emit nasty fumes, rendering them unfit for indoor use.

Operational System

Air compressors are designed to works based on a basic scientific theory where gas or air can be compressed in a storage tank and, due to the released air pressure, can be released to power various types of instruments. So, it is essential to knowledge about its operating system.


There are plenty of compressors out there, and they differ in cost. There is a need for you to set your budget. Know that for a smaller air compressor device, compressors, and it will go from $100 and for the larger ones from around $500 to $1.200.

Single and Dual Stage Compressor

If you need elevated pressure, experts suggest purchasing a dual-stage compressor. These compressor types are equipped with two cylinders, so the air pressure pumps the air through the two cylinders until it is stored in the tank. However, you can get a single-stage compressor if your applications do not require high pressure. For quality purposes, choosing an industrial compressor is recommended.


HP is a HORSEPOWER measurement. The greater the horsepower, the greater a compressor’s generating capacity to sustain high airflow speeds. When in operation, higher horsepower can keep up with air requirements for systems or charge air tanks or receivers faster. CFM can be calculated by using HP

Horse Power x 4 = CFM

Duty Cycle

When buying a compressor, the duty cycle is also a big factor to remember. The amount of time the compressor is allowed to run is indicated. Quality compressors typically operate at a rate of 100 percent, which ensures that in 10 minutes, it can also operate for 10 minutes.

You have to take into account all the relevant factors. If you want to get the best air compressor for yourself, the purpose intended for the compressor and how big and how powerful it is all must be the right size.

Material needed for easy installation and operation of air compressor at the workplace

There is another problem that needs to be addressed hereafter purchasing Air Compressors. There is a need for PVC, copper, aluminum tubing, and black iron. Also, hose lengths are required for accurate fitting after selecting a suitable location.

You will need isolator pads to stop vibrations and proper air compressor stabilization. Another important thing is the power socket near the power supply compressor.

With the provision of all the above items, then your air compressor is ready for use. Which means you can kick start your operation when you are ready.


Seeking an expert opinion before purchasing your air compressor is recommended. Also, you can check our previous post about air compressors. Those articles will guide you on all the things you need to know that will help you purchase a good air compressor that will be suitable for your needs.