What You Need to Start Doing Nail Art at Home

Nail art is a great form of self-expression and a lot of fun to do yourself. It’s a great way to invest in self-care and to let your creativity free, all in one go. It’s not even that difficult to get started. You can start enjoying amazing, salon-worthy nails that you’ve done yourself today by investing in these top products:

Nail Basics

At a minimum, you need a base coat, your nail polish, and then a top coat. This should be considered non-negotiable. Not only does using the base and top coat prolong your hard work and keep your nail polish chip-free, but it also works to protect your nails and stop them from drying out.

You’ll also need a full set of manicure tools. This means nail clippers, cuticle clippers, and a nail file, at least. You can also treat yourself to a nail buffer that will work to remove the imperfections on the surface of your nail, so you get glossier results every time.

Nail Care

Trimming and shaping your nails is just step one. If you want to start doing nail art, you’ll also need to step up your game when it comes to your nail health. This means getting nail oil and cuticle moisturizer. Moisturize your cuticles every night before you go to sleep. As for your nails themselves, remember to let your nails breathe and be natural for at least one week out of the month. During that time, moisturize your nails with oils to counteract any drying that occurs due to prolonged nail polish use.

The final step of proper nail care is your diet. Aim to increase your intake of biotin, Vitamin E, and calcium. You can get these nutrients from supplements as well, if necessary.

Say Hello to Gel Polish

The type of nail polish you use will also matter. There are basic options all the way to more luxurious options. If you want a glossy look, for example, then forget the basic lineup of products and instead get a gel nail polish kit for stunning, long-lasting results. Gel polish immediately gives you more professional-looking results than the standard polish.

Nail Stamps

Want to know how you can replicate those intricate nail designs at home without the effort? Use nail stamps. These stamps let you put nail polish on a stencil and then pick the design up with a rubber stamp. Simply press the stamp down on your dried nail to deposit the design.

Upgrading Your Nail Art

If you want to start getting creative and hands-on with your designs, then you’ll need to invest in some fine-tip brushes so that you can draw designs on your nails yourself. Nail art, of course, is more than just polish. You’ll also want to consider getting gems, rhinestones, glitter, and the like. There’s a brush-on metallic polish, for example, that lets you get the now-trending chrome look in a very satisfying step.