What You Should Have When You Want to Get into Woodworking


Whether you are into creating beautiful wooden pieces as a hobby or want to become a professional carpenter, woodworking can be a great creative outlet and even a good source of income. There is something extremely rewarding about creating something with your own hands. Although woodworking is a mere profession for some, it is tantamount to art in some cases. To pick up this hobby, you need to have several tools in your arsenal. But, which tools do you need when you are just starting? As a beginner craftsperson, the following guide can be a good place to start. So, read on to discover more.

A Workbench

Before you consider getting saws or other carpentry tools, you should optimize your workspace. There is no better way to do this than to invest in a workbench that can help you keep all your equipment in one place. If you are feeling daring, you can make your own using easy-to-follow plans, but there are some cheaper models you can easily find in your local stores as well. Whether you choose to buy or make your workbench, you have to decide if you need a portable or a stationary one. A stationary workbench is a great option for beginners since it usually costs less than portable models. On the other hand, portable workbenches are better suited for people who want to turn woodworking into a profession, as they are easier to maneuver.

A Wood Router

Wood routers help you hollow out wood, which enables you to add intricate designs. Generally, there are two types of routers: plunge and fixed base. When it comes to choosing between a plunge or fixed base router, it all depends on your skill level. While a plunge model is a bit more difficult to use, it offers smoother results if used correctly. So, if you are a stickler for details, go for a plunge router. On the contrary, fixed base models are easier to use but harder to maneuver because they are not portable. However, this might not matter too much to you

A Jigsaw

A saw alone will not give you the precise results you are looking for. This is why you need to invest in a jigsaw as well. Because they move in straight lines, they allow you to create fine patterns and designs. Furthermore, they are great for cutting geometric shapes like circles. This, in turn, will enable you to take on different projects. The great thing about jigsaws is that they are not used with wood only, but can cut other materials as well, which makes them a worthwhile addition to your toolbox.

A Circular Saw

If you take woodworking seriously, you will probably need a circular saw to cut planks into manageable pieces. True to their name, circular saws have round blades, which help you get a more precise cut. When purchasing a circular saw, you can get either a corded model or a cordless one. Corded saws offer better output, but are a bit cumbersome to handle while cordless ones can be a better option if flexibility is your main concern. Circular saws also sport various blades, including ripping, crosscut, and combination ones. For beginners, combination blades are often recommended since they are more versatile.

A Planer or Sander

Once you are done with cutting the planks and creating beautiful shapes, you will need to polish their surface to give them a finished look. This is where planers and sanders come into play. Wood planers have blades that remove the upper layer of wood, leaving a smooth surface behind. Similarly, sanders do the same job, but by scrapping the jagged edges instead of cutting them. Usually, the results that sanders give are less smooth than what you may get if you use a planer. However, there are both fantastic options depending on the result you are going for.  If you are looking for a sander then you can check sander review in toolsbrief.

A Screw Gun

screw gun

No woodworking project is complete without a screw gun. This nifty tool helps you attach wood planks to create a larger piece. They are like a faster, electric version of manual screwdrivers. Because traditional screwdrivers do not work well when used on dense wood pieces, you should certainly purchase a screw gun to make things a bit easier for yourself. Fortunately, the vast majority of screw guns are not corded, which will help you move around your workspace a lot more easily.  Also be sure to check out a collated screw gun as well.

Woodworking can be both an amazing pastime and a rewarding experience. The above-mentioned tools are just what you need as a beginner. As you hone your skills, you will need to purchase more heavy-duty equipment or different types of saws and files. Also, don’t forget to buy measurement tools like squares and measuring tapes to improve your accuracy.

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