What You Should Know About Having A Pet Cat


You love animals and seem to always want to be around them. Yet still, you don’t seem able to know everything about them. Therefore, before taking an animal into your home to be a part of your family, you should learn all you can about it first so you can know what to expect as well as how to care for it.

Know That You Are Making A Lifelong Commitment

Taking into the house a four-footed friend such as a cat means that you could be spending as much as 20 years of your life caring for it. However, the long time you spend taking care of the cat can make it possible for you to build up a lifelong close knit relationship with it. Your four-footed friend will have a home for the rest of its life and you would have won a lifelong friend.

Spay Your Animal

It’s better to spay your cat so it doesn’t pass on any germs to you. This is especially true if you adopt a stray cat that is used to living off thrown away food in the garbage dump. What’s more, when you spay your cat, you are protecting it from infections that can make it become sickly and even take its life.

Don’t Declaw Your Animal


When you remove the claws from your pet cat, you are actually robbing it from its first line of defense. Furthermore, declawing your cat can be a painful experience for your animal to handle and therefore it should not be attempted. To keep your settees safe from your cat’s claws you can plow ahead and trim its nails frequently.

Get A Scratching Post For Your Kitty

A scratching post is a great way of helping to keep your kitty’s claws sharp. When considering buying a scratching post, you should buy one that is tall enough for your cat to climb on as a way of exercising its limbs as well. Place the post within easy reach of your kitty so that it can have it to use any time of the day.

Give Your Kitty Some Privacy

Like humans, even cats need alone time by themselves as well, so they can withdraw when they want to and spend the time resting or just grooming themselves. Choose a nice little cozy room in the house and give it to your pet cat. Carmen and Ross from TheCatMom.com said that to send the message louder to your cat that the room belongs to it, you can put into the room a litter box. Once your cat sees the litter box inside the room, its sixth sense will tell it that the room belongs to him/her or at least its territory.

Have Regular Feeding Times

Instead of just feeding your cat whenever you feel like doing so, it’s best to have regular feeding times. Like everyone else, animals too should get their daily meals to keep it alive, which involves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, you can also give it in between snacks as well to keep your house pet happy. Feed your cat well, but you ought not to be guilty of overfeeding it.  If you have to move and bring your cat with you, make sure you keep this consistent.

Try To Keep Your Cat Indoors As Much As Possible (Unless You Are Outside Supervising It)

Keeping your cat indoors as much as possible is a safe remedy to follow for a number of reasons. Firstly, when your cat is outside, it can rub shoulders with various unclean stray cats that may give it an infection. Secondly, it can be attacked easily by larger animals such as dogs and get hurt or worse killed. Thirdly, your female cat can become romantic and get pregnant if you allow it to go outside of its own without any supervision. Fourthly, being outdoors can allow it to easily pick up diseases and parasites caught from coming into contact with germs.  You can also consider the use of cat wipes as well to keep them clean of dander.

Groom Your Cat Regularly

Cats on a whole love to groom themselves and they cannot seem to get enough of it. Regularly grooming your cat will help to remove unnecessary loose hairs that may fall from the cat onto your furniture. Grooming your kitty also will assist you to develop a bond between you and your house pet.

Get Your Animal Off To The Vet

Although your cat’s health isn’t depreciating, you ought to still take it into the vet to ascertain yourself. Good regular checkups done by an expert veterinarian will ensure that your cat remains healthy and free from some illnesses that plague other animals.

Knowing everything about your new feline friend can help you care for it better. Your time spent with it can last a lifetime, so will your responsibilities as its parent. There is always something to learn when it comes to living with animals and the rewards that come with it. But, with the above tips, you are more than ready to at least start a new life long relationship today.

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