What You Should Know About Power BI Report Server


The Power BI report server is an on-premises location that was released in 2017. It is a hybrid of different tools that allows collaboration and hosting on Power BI reports. It is built on the SQL server reporting services framework, which enables users to send mobile reports, KPIs and Excel workbooks to the server.

This combination sent to the server provides a unified location for analysts by making the various reporting options available on-premise. It also has a set profile for its user and a web portal which allows you to manage reports and KPI that could either be viewed in a web browser or as emails.

Each successive BI report server release (a few each year) contains improved updates on the previous one, thus making the tool a highly relevant one in contemporary work settings.

Getting a BI Report Server

Admittedly, expert management BI report server is the domain of Power BI experts. This is because you will need to have certain software and hardware requirements to maximize your BI report server. Before you use a BI report server, basic installation is necessary.

The first step in installing it is to download it from the Microsoft download center after confirming that you meet the system requirements. Once the BI report server has been downloaded, launch the installer and follow the simple straight forward steps.

The product key can be retrieved from the Power BI premium and the SQL Server Enterprise Software Assurance. At the end of your setup, you will need to configure your report server. To do this, select Configure Report Server after which you will be directed to the Reporting Sources Configuration Manager.

This configuration manager is version-specific and can be used to configure remote and local Report Servers. Most of the configuration will be done within the report server configuration manager.

There will also be several options available when configuring the report server. A window server is created upon successful installation of the BI Report Server.

The Need for a Power BI Report Server

This platform is the next step in the evolution of operational tools that facilitate business intelligence. The wide variety of data sources available and its interactive features provide a level of functionality that a few business intelligence tools offer. With the Power BI Report Server, you have the opportunity to customize your branding to suit your taste and needs, using an HTML5 portal.

However, you must also bear in mind that access to power BI premiums is compulsory without which you can’t use it optimally. The other consideration is that you must be using very current versions of any of the numerous browsers that it supports. You might wish to consult local power BI experts.


The power BI report server is a great business intelligence tool to have at the moment. Let an efficient and trusted BI team handle your BI governance and deployment needs. When it comes to Power BI, only excellence will do. This is why you want to go with top-notch experts from the ECP Group to manage your Power Bi governance.

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