What You Should Know Before Buying a tourist eSIM Card In Indonesia


Do you plan to travel to Indonesia and you’re wondering how to make calls and connect to the internet while you’re there? Some people might suggest using your normal sim card and leveraging available roaming packages, but not only do you have to deal with extremely high roaming costs, but roaming with your home country provider often also makes your internet speed poor due to the long distance.

Public Wi-Fi, although largely available, is also not trustworthy when it comes down to it. You also don’t get internet security when you use public Wi-Fi.

So, what is the best thing to do? You should get a local sim card that can work perfectly when you are in Indonesia.

Once you land at the airport, you can purchase a sim card or visit a convenience store, or a mobile service provider. You can even purchase a sim card online from Bikago Mobile. The Bikago Mobile eSIM  can be purchased online and then activated when you arrive in Indonesia.

You can pick up your physical sim card at the airport, visit any of the Bikago shops, or have it delivered to you wherever you are in Bali.

The registration process for this e-sim is simple, and there are cheap packages for you to explore. You are also guaranteed great 24/7 customer service from this Bali Mobile Data provider whether at a walk-in store or via Whatsapp, in English.

Benefits of a Bikago Mobile e-sim card

  1. Bikago Mobile e-sim card is the best tourist e-sim card Indonesia that assures you of so many comforts when you use them. Here are some of their advantages.
  2. You can choose between eSIM or a physical SIM card, making Bikago Mobile e-sim card the best tourist eSIM card Indonesia
  3. If you choose the eSIM card, you are connected the moment you land in Indonesia, without having to collect the regular SIM card.
  4. Bikago Mobile delivers wide coverage because it is roaming on the Telkomsel network, which is the best network in Bali and Indonesia. The sim covers Lake Toba, Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, the Gili Islands, Raja Ampat, Lombok, Bintan, Labuan Bajo, and other regions in Indonesia
  5. You can enjoy customer support via email, WhatsApp, and any of the Bikago stores in Bali.
  6. Rates are very affordable and the network is reliable.
  7. You can use your phone and sim as a Wi-Fi hotspot or tether with Bikago sims
  8. You can remain connected with your Whatsapp number
  9. The registration process is simple and quick and can be done in a few minutes once you pay online and provide your name.
  10. IMEI number and passport KYC is not required
  11. Bikago mobile network delivers great speed, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Bikago Mobile Speed

When we say Bikago Mobile is the best tourist e-sim card Indonesia, we mean it.

Bikago Mobile uses Telkomsel, which is Indonesia’s best network, and this assures you of 4G, LTE, 4G+ and even 5G in places where it is available.

Unlike other roaming     providers, Bikago has a local IP breakout, which means very low latency, usually between 60 and 120 ms, meaning your streaming will go smoothly.

Results from the Bikago Mobile Speed test show a range of 40 to 110 MB/s depending on location.

You can have WhatsApp calls, Google and Zoom meetings, and even stream on Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube with the best quality and the highest resolution.

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