What You Should Know Before Replacing Windows in Ontario?

If you live in the same house for a long time, sooner or later you will have to modernize it, including also window replacement.

Today we will tell you how to understand that your windows need to be replaced and where to order the new ones.

All products have an expiration date. Window systems are not an exception. They should be changed approximately every 10-20 years.

In addition to the obvious signs such as broken glass or severe deformation, there are many other points that indicate the need for window replacement.


Although windows should provide good ventilation, draught is not included in the definition. But if you’ve noticed that the room has become draughty and that there’s a characteristic whistle coming from the window, it’s time to think about installing a new, more reliable system.

Large electricity bills

If you notice that you are spending more money on maintaining the comfort temperature of your home, this could be another sign to modernize your home.

By the way, Ontario has a bonus program that encourages Canadians to think about window replacement. Applying for such a program will help you to save money on the replacement of window systems as well as to increase the energy efficiency of your dwelling.

Renovation of the whole house

Are you planning on redesigning your home? Beautiful window systems are an important part of the interior and exterior – they can make it even more stylish and modern.

Sale of your house

If you have decided to sell the house, the replacement of the windows will increase its value.

Firstly, it will have a positive effect on aesthetics.

And secondly, it will make living in such a house more comfortable and safe.

The timely replacement of window systems can increase the cost of a house by tens of thousands of dollars.

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