What You’ll Need for Indoor Cardio Exercises

Cardiovascular exercise has multiple benefits. Doing regular cardio workouts helps improve your heart and lung health and keeps you feeling great. It’s also an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight when paired with a lower calorie diet. There are plenty of outdoor cardio exercises, like running and playing sports, but for those who prefer to train inside, it’s still possible to get a great cardio workout. To get started with cardio exercise, you’ll need to invest in a few essentials, like New Balance athletic shoes, and choose your favorite activity that gets you sweating. Here is what you need for indoor cardio exercises.

Cardio Machine

Many fitness enthusiasts invest in at least one indoor cardio machine to get their heart rate up. An indoor cardio machine is always ready to use, no matter what the temperature or weather looks like outside. One of the most popular indoor fitness machines for a great cardio workout is a treadmill. You can work up a sweat on the treadmill by jogging or walking on an incline with Asics running shoes. Other possibilities include elliptical machines, indoor bikes or rowing machines.

Bodyweight Routine

If you want to switch up your routine and do something different each day, you can also design your own cardio bodyweight routine when indoors. Bodyweight routines are perfect for any fitness level and can give you an excellent workout. Some fun and effective bodyweight exercises are high knees, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, jumping squats and box jumps. Link multiple exercises together into a routine for at least thirty minutes to get a good workout.

Specialty Shoes

Your cardio routine should also be supplemented by the top pieces of fitness gear. Choose the best puma sneakers to give your feet support during any type of cardio activity. Pick out specialty shoes for your preferred type of cardio activity. Treadmill running involves different support options for the feet when compared to the type of shoes you’ll need for indoor cycling.

Heart Rate Monitor

Technology can also make your workout even better when aiming for peak cardio performance. To make sure you’re reaching the peak cardio levels, you’ll need to monitor your heart rate when exercising. Invest in a top-notch heart rate monitor watch to get data about how much your heart gets pumping during each stage of your workout. Many watches also automatically track your workout and give you tips about how to get the most out of your routine.

Active Wear

Working out indoors in the privacy of your own home means you don’t have to worry about impressing anyone other than yourself. You should, however, choose to equip yourself in some high-quality activewear pieces. Wearing sport-specific workout clothes doesn’t just make you look cool. It also could help boost your performance a little and give you that extra burst of energy when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Design your own cardio routine that will have you seeing incredible results with your fitness goals. Choose the right gear and equipment to have your indoor home gym give you the best workout of your life.