What’s the Difference Between a Supercar and a Hyper Car?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a supercar and a hyper car? In the world of high-performance vehicles, there are numerous terms branded around from supercar to megacar and hyper cars – it’s no wonder people get confused.

So, are there any differences between them or are supercars and hyper cars the same thing? Here, you’ll discover all you need to know about what defines a supercar and hyper car, along with their differences.

What is a supercar?

Supercars have largely been around since the 1920’s. They are defined as cars which focus on performance, design, technology and price. When a car outshines its competitors in terms of any of these factors, it tends to be referred to as a supercar.

Most people assume that it’s largely about the price tag. However, a vehicle can be classed as a supercar if it excels in design and performance, regardless of its price tag. You’ll see through supercar specialists such as Romans International, that there are a few more affordable supercars you can invest in.

What is a hyper car?

So, if a supercar is a vehicle which outshines on performance, design, technology and price, what exactly is a hyper car? Well, a hyper car is the term given to the top 1% of supercars. Only cars which excel in all four of the categories for price, design, performance and technology meet the hyper car standard.

Some hyper car features being integrated into supercars

As technology improves, features which were once solely reserved for hyper cars, are now being implemented into supercars. Hyper car manufacturers consistently need to be innovative to keep up and excel within the industry. So, supercars are going to continually get better.

Overall, the main difference between supercars and hyper cars, is that the hyper cars are literally the best of the best. All hyper cars could be considered supercars, but not all supercars can be classed as a hyper car.