When Should I Ideally Repaint My House Interiors to Sustain the Brand-New Look?


Painting your home is an easy and cost-effective way of transforming its appearance and enhancing its visual appeal. Though your home’s interiors aren’t exposed to more harsh elements like the exterior, it is still important to repaint it every few years. In fact, repainting the interiors is beneficial in a handful of ways.

Benefits of repainting interiors

  • Healthy indoor air quality: The paints used earlier had higher VOC value. Repainting them with the newly introduced paints keeps dust and allergies at bay.

  • Cosy ambience: It is natural to feel bored of our interior colours. Repainting using trendy or other favourite colours tends to improve the ambience and make you feel more relaxed.

  • Increased home value: Painting the interiors gives your home an appealing look and in turn increases your home value in the real estate market.

  • Masks odour and stains: No matter how much you try, and you can’t get rid of some stubborn stains and odours. A new coat of paint makes your home smell great and covers stains thus giving it a brand-new appearance.

If you are a Soro resident looking for painting services, get in touch with a reputable malerarbejde Sorø. They offer top-notch painting service and make use of high-quality durable paint. Ask them for a quote and get started. Some rooms require frequent painting while some don’t. Check out how often each room should be repainted.

Bedroom: Bedrooms walls don’t get stained too soon. The paint lasts for a long time due to the less-traffic since you are hardly going to be touching the walls. You can get them repainted once every 5 years.

Kids’ bedroom: Unlike bedroom, kids bedroom requires repainting once every 2 or 3 years since it doubles up as a play space for kids. When repainting opts for some paint with higher sheen and consider including chalkboard paint in a separate area so that kids leave other walls untouched and focus only on this to express their creativity.

Corridor and hallway: These places are prone to easy wear and tear and there are noticeable finger marks, scuff marks and dents. You need to repaint them with high-quality washable paint since you’ll have to wash the surface often. Though washable paint can be comparatively expensive, it is more durable and makes your maintenance job easier.

Living room and dining room: In spite of us spending more time in these rooms, they don’t require frequent repainting since we don’t indulge in activities that require touching the walls. The furniture pieces serve as obstructions and prevent us from touching the walls. Repaint them once every 7 years.

Bathroom and kitchen: Kitchen walls can’t escape food splatters during food preparation while bathrooms have moisture content, which affects the paint’s durability. We also tend to touch the walls often. Both these rooms are prone to high-traffic thus requiring repainting once every 3 years despite using high-quality paints.

Sometimes you may have to get the rooms repainted much earlier if you spot signs of wear and tear. Contact a professional if your interior paintwork is no more radiant as it used to be and get it fixed.

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