When Should You Pressure Wash Your House?


Pressure washing a house is a great way to keep its exterior looking vibrant, clean, and brand new no matter what life and weather may throw its way. This task can restore a home to its original beauty, so it’s one you’ll want to do regularly. But when should you do it and how often?

Is it time to offer your home the pressure washing it deserves? If your house isn’t looking its best, it probably is. Keep reading to find out the best time to do it.

The Best Time to Pressure Wash a Home

First of all, you will want to plan to pressure wash your home on a day when you know there is no chance of inclement weather. A sunny day is your best bet, because the results of pressure washing will look their best. In addition to this, the sun will be able to quickly dry the home’s exterior after a washing. You may also need rope access services just to make sure you can gain access and pressure wash up to the highest part of your house.

As far as time of the year, the warmer months are going to be your best option. Cold weather can cause a wet home to freeze as you’re cleaning it, which may affect the results as the dirty water tries to run off the side of the house. Again, warmer days allow the home to dry off quicker in the sun.

The very beginning of a new season is also a great time to consider pressure washing your house. Each season comes with it’s own unique forms of grime and debris, whether that be rotting fall leaves, dust and dirt, or pollen stains.

Pressure washing as one season ends and another begins gives your home a fresh face and prevents multiple types of debris from piling on top of one another, making them more difficult to clean away.

How Does Pressure Washing Work?

With the use of a pressure washer, you will be able to clean your home’s exterior without needing to scrub it or put in any elbow grease at all. The pressure washer shoots out an incredibly powerful stream of water at the home’s exterior walls, stripping away any dirt, mildew, dust, or other debris from the surface with very little effort on your part.

The stream of water is often able to reach great heights and distances, so pressure washing a home usually won’t require any climbing. Simply stand on the ground and hose it down until the water runs clear, leaving behind a surface that looks as good as new.

You can pressure wash your own home and even any block walls you have if you have the right equipment. You can also hire a professional pressure washing service from brisbane to do this job for your home.

How Often Are You Supposed to Pressure Wash Your House?

There is really no set rule on how often a home should be pressure washed. Depending on where your home is located, environmental factors could greatly affect how often dirt and debris accumulate on the home’s exterior. Some will look dirtier far sooner than others between pressure washes.

How Often Are You Supposed to Pressure Wash Your House

In general, you will just want to pressure wash your house whenever you can visibly notice dust, dirt, grime, or discoloration and want to restore the home to its former beauty. Keep in mind that frequent pressure washing maintenance makes the job itself easier to accomplish.

The longer you allow yourself to go between pressure washes, the more the dirt and debris will have settled in and built-up on the house. This means it will likely take longer to wash, and it will probably take more effort. Regular maintenance makes the mess easier to manage and ensures that your house will look its best at all times.

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