When To Contact A Pool Remodeling Service

In this day and age, swimming pools are the literal oases we need – the best antidote to long working hours and blue light from laptops.

Pools can be used throughout the year. Summer is the obvious contender, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying a bonfire by the poolside on a wintry night. This is all very good; but a swimming pool, like all the good things in life, requires maintenance.

Enter a pool remodeling service. Convenient, efficient, and a total godsend, the professionals not only revamp the look of your pool but also perform essential functions such as tiling, refilling, and purification.

Remodeling a pool involves budgeting and making decisions, but it’s worth it. At the end of the day, it makes the poolside your favorite part of the house.

However, the real question is – how do you know when to carry out the task? Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for the past couple of months but are unsure still. But don’t worry, our guide is here to help solve that dilemma.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and talk about when to hire a pool remodeling service!

When to Contact a Pool Remodeling Service

Many homeowners, despite having used swimming pools for a long time, find themselves at their wits’ end when it comes to deciding the ideal time to remodel it.

There are many reasons for this. However, the most important thing that helps one gauge whether it is time to renovate the pool is observing it with care and patience. Your pool is your best guide in the matter.

Outlined below are a few instances in which it is fairly obvious that it’s time to call a pool remodeling service. Take a look!

1. Leakage

Leaks are among the major and most frequent problems swimming pools suffer from and usually, they occur due to faulty construction, weak surface coating, or simple wear-and-tear. Although common, leakage demands attention; the sooner you notice them, the better.

The reason is simple. Leakages cause significant dips in the water level and can also damage the ground on which the pool is constructed. Over time, the consequences of this can be grave as a small leak may end up affecting a large area.

2. Outdated Systems

Pools become prone to wear-and-tear as they age, and the internal mechanism also starts to lag and malfunction. In order to avoid related issues, the equipment inside the pool needs to be updated and checked at regular intervals. This is one of the key functions of a remodeling service.

Among the parts it caters to, the pump and filter are the most important and must be refurbished. Plumbing is carried out as well, which further augments the working of the pool.

3. Outdated Styles

Perhaps you were among the first ones in your neighborhood to install a swimming pool. Kudos to you, but chances are, it has become a tad bit obsolete in terms of aesthetics and functionality. After all, poolside accessories seem to be growing in variety with each passing day.

In order to refurbish your poolside and also switch up the look of the pool, a remodeling service can work wonders. Be it a Tuscan retreat or a Mediterranean one, your poolside can be transformed exactly as you wish by a pool remodeling service provider.

4. Accommodation

Just as the pool promises hours of joy and fun, it can also present a few issues that must be tackled at the earliest. If you’re fond of hosting parties but lack sufficient space inside the house, the poolside can be easily remodeled into an outdoor area for social gatherings.

Also, in the case of families with children, small pools have greater chances of mishaps. Expanding the surface area, therefore, makes for a viable solution to such problems.

5. Worn Out Materials

Except on colder days, swimming pools are seldom left unoccupied. Given such consistent and prolonged use, even the best ones can fall prey to some damage. Tiles, lighting, and decking are some of the areas where problems are most common.

A pool remodeling service takes care of all such predicaments. It is well-equipped to deal with problems that are conventional as well as the ones specific to your pool alone.

6. Dryness

All said and done, a drab swimming pool is no good. It simply isn’t enjoyable enough, which is unfortunate, as poolsides can be among the most gorgeous parts of the house.

Once all the essentials are in place, the service can make additions such as seating arrangements, fancy lighting, and even provisions for soirées. They go a long way in revamping the space and making it the focal point of your property.

The Right Time of The Year

In the end, the question that remains is, when in the year should you contact a pool remodeling service.

Even at its best, the renovation work is one that brings about long hours and the consequential frustration. However, with a little planning, most of the hassle can be eliminated. That is why, pool remodeling must be well-timed.

As summers are the peak times when swimming pools are in use, it makes sense to carry out the project during the long winter months. The transition months between fall to winter or winter to spring also work well.

Summer, on the other hand, is a no-brainer. The other reason for this is that you’re likely to get a better deal in winter than in summer from the pool remodeling service companies themselves. Now, who can say no to an attractive discount?

Final Words

By now, you must have made up your mind about when you’re making that call to your preferred pool remodeling service.

In addition to the essentials, a remodeling session also allows the user to add lighting, incorporate digital controls, or add a pop of colored quartz – the options are endless! The best part about renovating your pool is that it’s for everyone. All members of the family, as well as friends, can enjoy the new features for the seasons to come.

So, as the next winter rolls on, think about whether or not it’s time to engage professionals to remodel the pool. Chances are, it’s high time you did.

A brand-new, custom-made pool sounds tempting, doesn’t it?