When You Should Contact an Attorney: A Guide


Wall Street Journal started a poll in 2016 about the litigiousness of Americans. Even today, 87% of voters still feel that Americans are too litigious. However, this statistic is a myth.

Most lawsuits in court aren’t as frivolous as the infamous McDonald’s coffee case. Some are about contract disputes or debt collection disputes. Others tackle automobile accidents.

If you’re wondering, there are many reasons to call an attorney. 

Are you looking for a legal firm that can represent and help you understand your case? If you intend to hire a skilled lawyer with the resources to help win a case or with a settlement, you came to the right place. Visit us  to get in touch.

In this guide, we’ll talk about when you should contact an attorney. We also included a list of things to consider when you finally do.

1. Your Driver’s License Got Suspended

Did you recently get into trouble for reckless driving or overspeeding? A small vehicular accident can lead you to lose your driver’s license. If you want to know about your rights as a motorist and what you should do at a hearing, call a lawyer. 

The stakes involved in these cases are often quite high. If you don’t prepare well for the court hearing, you might lose the privilege of driving permanently. An attorney can craft a strong argument to prevent it from happening. 

2. You’re About to Sign or Enter a Contract

Contacting an attorney isn’t all about suing someone. Sometimes, talking to an attorney is the best way to understand a contract. Before signing anything big like a contract with a home contractor or a business deal, call your lawyer.

They can look over the paperwork or contract for you. They will explain the meaning behind statements, terms, or clauses in the contract. It prevents you from entering an unfair contract with an exploitative party.

Remember, signing a paper means you understood and read it all. If you end up having complaints about a contractor’s work later, the contract may prevent you from performing a lawsuit.

3. You’re Thinking About Divorcing or Separating From a Spouse

Disgruntled couples call their lawyers after deciding they want to file for a divorce. Don’t wait until it’s time to do the paperwork before calling a lawyer. Waiting for too long can complicate the case and limit your options. 

The problem with divorce cases is their messy nature. Do you feel unsure about how to explain your case to a lawyer? At the end of this guide is a quick list of things to do when talking to a lawyer for the first time. 

4. You Got Arrested for a DUI or DWI Charge 

Are you in trouble with the law for driving while under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI)?

Here’s another appropriate vehicle-related incident related to lawyers. In most states, you can call an attorney before taking any blood tests at the police station. The attorney can give tips on how to handle the situation.

You can also call an attorney after your release. If you’re unsure about what to say when calling an attorney, start with the relevant “beginning” of the story. Don’t leave any relevant details out when explaining your situation.

5. Someone Is Threatening to Sue or Mistreat You

If you feel that someone is mistreating you at work or your child at school, call a lawyer right away. Before you file a lawsuit, find out if you have a good case against the bully or the abuser. Contacting an attorney is a good way to learn what you can do to protect yourself.

The same applies if someone is threatening you. Let’s say you are a small business owner, and an angry competitor or ex-employee is spouting some worrying threats. Talk to an attorney right away since they know how to defend you against lawsuits.

If the situation escalates, your lawyer can help prepare your case. In some cases, the other party’s lawyer will contact you. Here’s what to do if they’re trying to talk to you.

Never let them contact you if you already have a legal representative. Otherwise, if you’re looking for an attorney, it’s the opposing counsel’s obligation to get in touch with you. Regardless, getting a lawyer to represent and explain court rules and the law is a must. 

Tips on When You Should Contact an Attorney

With that said, you now know the best times when you should contact an attorney. This time, let’s discuss some things to remember or do when talking to a lawyer. First, what are the things you must avoid saying to your lawyer? 

Never tell anything that would make lawyers lose interest. Don’t say things like “other lawyers quoted me a cheaper price.” If you found a lawyer who could represent you for a cheaper fee, why are you asking for their services? 

Avoid calling a lawyer to answer a single question without intending to hire them. Lawyers are some of the busiest people around. It’s already difficult to speak to them since their time is often at court, with other clients, or other meetings. 

Before you contact an attorney, gather all the necessary documents for your case and prepare them. You also want to make sure that you know the elements of your case. If you don’t want your case to be one of the weirdest lawsuits, take your lawyer’s advice. 

Contact Your Attorney at the Right Time

Keep in mind that not all cases and attorneys are the same. Some cases need more priority and some lawyers are more skilled in their profession. Winning and losing the case lies in differentiating between the two.

Now, you know when you should contact an attorney and when you shouldn’t. 

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