Where Can I Sell My Rolex?

Where Can I Sell My Rolex?

So long as you are the legal owner of a luxury wristwatch, there is nothing to stop you from selling it to whomever you choose. However, when it comes to luxury items, such as Rolexes, selling to the first person who makes you an offer can be a mistake. Why? Because although you might think you know the approximate value of your Rolex watch, there could be aspects that make it particularly sought after. Perhaps you have a Milgauss with an unusual second hand or maybe your Sea-Dweller is in particularly good condition for its age, something that would push its valuation up, for example. Therefore, it is always best to go to a reputable place to sell a Rolex of any kind. Where are such places that deal in Rolexes day in, day out?

Rolex Dealers

If you want to, then it is possible to sell a Rolex watch back to an official Rolex dealer. Bear in mind that not all dealerships want second-hand Rolexes, especially those which may have missing sales receipts or boxes. If you have the original packaging and a bill of sale from the dealer concerned, then this can change things. Nevertheless, most Rolex dealers are primarily focussed on selling new watches to their clients. They may prefer to find a buyer on your behalf rather than to purchase it from you directly. Also, it is worth bearing in mind that official dealerships tend to charge just to value a Rolex so you are likely to receive a bill even if, in the end, you choose not to sell your watch.

High Street Jewellers

Many high street jewellers sell watches throughout the UK but when you are talking about Rolexes, you will need to find a store that actually deals in high-value items. In short, not all jewellers have the necessary expertise or insurance to be able to handle Rolexes. That said, there are plenty of jewellers who operate in the used luxury watch market. According to one such firm based in Essex, Bonds of Brentwood, obtaining an initial valuation online is a good way to ensure the would-be purchasers are serious.

However, it is only with a close physical inspection that a valid offer can be made. Check out the current stock of Rolexes that a high street jewellery store has at the moment. If there aren’t many used luxury watches for sale, then it is often better to find a shop that is doing better trade at the moment. If not, they won’t have the sort of clientele who are into luxury watches and your Rolex’s valuation will probably not be as high as it should be as a result.

Online Buyers

Selling online takes trust from both parties. It is not something for the faint-hearted even if you agree to seal the deal in person. Nevertheless, there are some trusted marketplace sites which match buyers to sellers. Specialist ones are worth looking into carefully but general online marketplaces, such as eBay, can also be a good way to spread your net a little wider when seeking a suitable buyer.