Where Can You Buy Weed 4 Tips for First Time Weed Buyers

A new era is upon us: that of fully legal, recreational-use marijuana. It’s a reality that seemed impossible even one decade ago and is here now in all of its blazing glory. A handful of states across the country have allowed this change to become legal in their states, and many more are expected to follow suit.

This, of course, has allowed many who had not previously participated in pot an opportunity to give toking a chance. You might even be one of these individuals yourself.

If you’re new to the world of weed, you may be wondering, where can you buy weed now that it’s legal? What else do you need to know? There’s a lot of information you might need. Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying marijuana.

1. Look For Dispensaries Near You

If you live in a state where weed is now legal, first off: congratulations! The residents of many other states are likely looking at you right now with a fair share of jealousy. You’re truly living the green-tinged dream.

Now that you’re one of the lucky ones, where do you head?

In a legal state, the place you’re going to want to look into is known as a dispensary.  Going to an online dispensary such as Zamnesia can make it easy to find the best products and lowest prices.  This is, fancy words aside, a weed store. They’ll have a wide variety of marijuana products available and should be able to provide just about anything you need.

It’s easy enough to find dispensaries near you by googling or looking through online directories. You might be surprised to see that there’s even one in your own neighborhood. With legalization in full swing, dispensaries are popping up everywhere, hoping to take on a big market share of this emerging market.

The employees at these dispensaries will be well-versed in marijuana knowledge and can help you to pick out the right product for your first-time buy. They should be able to answer any and all questions you have.

It can be a good idea to bring cash and remember to maintain the proper etiquette when visiting a dispensary. You should learn more about proper dispensary behavior before getting in the car and heading over.

2. Delivery is Another Options

Feeling a little too embarrassed or a little too lazy to head to the dispensary yourself? You’re in luck because there’s another option available to you and there is good information on this page as well.

In legal states, there should be a number of weed delivery options that are willing to bring the bud you want right to your front door. Isn’t the future crazy?

These delivery services will range in their features, prices, and needs. Many operate off smartphone apps or website, others you’ll need to call and order what you want. Many delivery services can bring a number of products to your door and you can even shop at home, looking through the different available possibilities.

There’s no more convenient way to get marijuana in your hands than via delivery, and it’s now a legal possibility at your own address and zip code.

3. Take It Easy on the Edibles

Many who are new to marijuana think that edibles might be the easiest way to get into weed. After all, you’re used to eating a brownie, why not one with some cannabis in it?

This is probably not a good idea. What many first-time marijuana users don’t’ recognize is that an edible high is not always the same experience as smoking a little bit of bud. When you eat an edible, you’re digesting the marijuana through your stomach instead of your lungs.

This can create more of a body high, and it might feel stronger or harder to manage than the high you’d experience by taking a few puffs from a joint, for example.

Not to mention, getting high off of edibles can be a potentially risky experience. It can take a lot longer to feel the impact of the product, which usually leads first-timers to eat more than they initially anticipated. Then all of it hits at once you and find someone who has gotten way too high for their first time at the rodeo.

It’s recommended that you get high via the more traditional route first before you start messing around with edible products.

4. Coming Down From a High

What can you do if you’ve bought weed and gotten too high? If you feel uncomfortable during your first experience, you might wish for anything that would bring you back down to Earth.

If this is where your head is at, it’s best to head to the kitchen. Eating can help to minimize the high that you’re feeling. As your body begins to digest the food item, you should be able to feel yourself ‘coming down’ from the high. Drinking a lot of water can also help to purge your system and get you feeling better.

You might experience the munchies while high anyway, so reaching for some food could be your initial impulse regardless. Try to avoid putting on the pounds that the munchies are sometimes known for.

In a worst-case scenario, head to bed! You can sleep off the high and should feel better when you get up in the morning.

Where Can You Buy Weed?

If you’re new to the world of weed, welcome. You might have many questions, like ‘where can you buy weed?’ Hopefully, the above tips help to answer that question and many others you might have.

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