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Card Designing and Printing

The first step in printing personalized cards is choosing a design template. You have many options to choose from flat paper templates (the easiest way), printed templates, online templates, etc. Once you decide what type of card you want to print, you need to select a printer. There are many types of printers and each offers different features. There are both desktop and mobile printers. Desktop printers are stationary devices while mobile printers are portable, making them great for outdoor use or parties. When choosing between these two types of printers, make sure you consider things like your budget, time constraints, and the amount of space you have to work with. Card Shop Boomf

Paper Stock Selection

Next comes selecting your paper stock. There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing paper stock for your cards: thickness, weight, opacity, surface texture, price per sheet, and more. Depending on the type of project you’re working on, you may have to look at paper stock thicknesses ranging from 40-80gsm. Opacity refers to how transparent the sheets are. If you plan on using a background color, you’ll want to select opaque papers since they don’t show through. Surface texture refers to the appearance of the paper finish; matte, semi-gloss, gloss and embossed are some popular finishes. The price per sheet is based on how much you spend on each sheet of paper. Finally, if you’re doing any sort of customization, make sure you find out whether the inkjet printers you’ve selected offer CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black) or RGB (red green blue) printing options.

Layout and Customization

When designing a layout, think about where the text will go and what font size you’d like. You can do this before printing or you can let the software do it automatically. Make sure you save your files as.pdf or.jpg in order to ensure no formatting errors occur after printing. To add images to your layouts, open your file in Adobe Photoshop and drag the image onto the canvas then resize the picture however you like. You can also upload your own art directly using our free online tool.


Once your print job is complete, check the quality of your prints. Are there any errors? Is the output consistent across the board? Does the content look crisp? Do the colors pop? Once you get positive answers to these questions, you can start thinking about packaging your cards.

This project was inspired by a client who wanted some personalized greeting cards. She requested her own artwork, along with her favorite quote printed on each card. I took requests for quotes she loved (and got permission first) and then hand-drew each image, lettering them, and adding details to make them look even fancier than they were originally drawn. I then had these images printed onto standard 8×10-inch business cards using inkjet technology.

I chose a few different types of business card designs, depending on what sort of message I thought would work best for my client’s goals.

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