Where Should You Move if You Want to Survive the Apocalypse?

Survival in a post-apocalypse world has been the focus of many movies and novels. But nowadays, the threat of an apocalypse brought forth by global warming or the use of nuclear weapons is only too real. This possibility of disaster at a global scale has people worried about their own future and the future of humanity.

People are trying to find means to survive a possible apocalypse in the future. Moving to a country that is not very vulnerable to disaster may be one of the best ways to ensure your survival, but is there such a country? Let’s find out!

What Makes a Country a Good Choice for Surviving an Apocalypse?

What Makes a Country a Good Choice for Surviving an Apocalypse

You can increase your odds of survival by moving to a country that will be least affected by global destruction. But how do you determine which countries will be the safest? There are several factors that can help us figure out which places are best for surviving an apocalypse. Some of these factors are given below: 

1. The Location of the Country

The country’s location is an essential factor to consider when determining the best places for surviving an apocalypse. If a country has a port, the inhabitants will have excess to open waters and precious food sources.

Alongside this, the terrain of a region matters a lot.  Mountains and rivers provide natural barriers against invasion or any other such threats.

2. Isolation

The more isolated an area is, the less it might be affected by an apocalypse. Highly populated cities are likely to be targeted in a nuclear war. This is why isolated regions far away from high population areas are ideal.

3. Are There Enough Food Sources?

For a country to be able to sustain the remaining human population after a dystopia, it needs to have ample food sources. Agriculture land is an essential resource for a country to survive a dystopia. Alongside this, other food sources such as hunting and fishing are also essential.

4. Is there Enough Land?

In a post-apocalyptical world, habitable land will likely be reduced around the globe. This could be because of global warming raising the sea levels or due to nuclear warfare making many places inhabitable. 

So ideally, a country should have enough land for a large population to live there. It should also have enough agricultural land for food production.

5. Can the Country or Place Sustain Itself?

Self-sustenance is a deciding factor in determining which countries have the best chance at surviving an apocalypse. Trade would likely cease in a post-apocalyptical world. This means that the country will need to sustain itself by producing its own energy. 

It will also need to have enough manufacturing capabilities to provide at least the basic needs of the population.

6. Border Protection

Border protection helps keep the inhabitants safe. A post-apocalyptic world may have unknown dangers, such as rogue militias or rival societies. This is why an ideal country that you should consider moving to for surviving an apocalypse should have enough border protection to keep you safe. 

Best Places for Surviving an Apocalypse

Best Places for Surviving an Apocalypse

Humanity faces many threats to its existence. So, it isn’t a bad idea to have a plan for surviving an apocalypse. By taking the abovementioned factors into account, we can figure out the safest countries to move to if society breaks down or global destruction comes to pass.

So, given below are our top picks for the best places you should move to if you want to survive an apocalypse:

1. Iceland


Iceland has excellent chances of supporting a human society after an apocalypse. Iceland boasts abundant energy resources. The inhabitants will have access to geothermal and hydroelectric power plants, which can provide ample energy. 

The location of Iceland is also ideal since it has access to the North Atlantic Ocean, which will be a source of food in the form of fish and other marine life. The country also has a good amount of agricultural land. 

Another great thing about going to Iceland is that it is very isolated since it is an island. This makes it a pretty safe place in a post-apocalyptic world.

2. Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha

Tristan da Cunha is one of the remotest inhabited islands in the world, making it a safe location for survival during dangerous times. With a population of around 300, it is an excellent place to wait out the apocalypse. Although your primary food source on the island is likely to be fish, if you can live with that, then Tristan da Cunha is for you.

3. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has access to the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. This access to open waters is very beneficial. Since the United Kingdom is also an island, its borders are protected by the sea, making invasion quite tricky. 

The United Kingdom has ample energy resources, farmland, and a large manufacturing capacity. These factors give this country excellent chances at survival in case of an apocalypse. The only downside is that the United Kingdom has a large population.

4. Yukon


Yukon is another very isolated place that will give you a high chance of survival in case of an apocalypse. Yukon cannot support a large population, but it can surely sustain a small community. The low amount of farmlands in the region will make hunting and foraging the primary food sources.

The weather in Yukon can be freezing in winter, but the isolation of this place provides it with good protection against external threats. 

5. Ireland


Ireland is moderately isolated and also very self-sufficient. It has a large agricultural industry and plenty of resources. Moreover, it is rich in renewable energy resources that will help sustain a community in an apocalypse. 

Another plus is that Ireland has a low population; hence it provides you a better chance at surviving an apocalypse if you move there.

6. Tasmania


As you can see, there have been many islands on this list. Their isolation makes them excellent candidates for places to move to if you want to have a good chance at surviving an apocalypse. Tasmania is another such island. 

Tasmania has enough renewable energy resources to sustain a moderate-sized community. The island has plenty of farmland. Inhabitants will also have access to the sea for fishing in case the apocalypse makes farming impossible.

7. Mainland Australia

Mainland Australia

Australia is a whole continent surrounded by water. Mainland Australia has a low population, a large agricultural land, several food sources, and abundant renewable energy. 

It is the perfect place to be to survive an apocalypse. Australia also has climate diversity across the continent, allowing different types of crops to be grown. However, Australia is prone to disastrous wildfires due to its dry climate, which can be very dangerous.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be the best place for surviving an apocalypse. Several factors make it so ideal. It is a remote island with ample energy resources and natural resources. It also has a low population, ensuring that the inhabitants can survive an apocalypse even with some refugees flooding in. 


Everyone wants to ensure their survival if something terrible happens to the planet or society. One can ensure their survival by moving to a country or place with good odds of sustaining life in an apocalypse. 

Today, we face many threats that can bring about the planet’s destruction. So, being fully prepared for the worse could save your life. By moving to any of the places mentioned above, you will have good odds of surviving the apocalypse. Of course, you will have to carry the heavy burden of rebuilding society. Still, it is better than losing your life in the apocalypse.