Where Should You Start When Gutting a House for a Full Remodel?


Home renovations aren’t cheap. According to Business Insider, a full kitchen remodel, alone, costs over $23,000 on average.

Gutting a house and starting from scratch is a huge investment. It’s important to avoid mistakes and move through the process in the right order. 

We’re here to offer some guidance!

Read on to find out the steps you should take before gutting a house.

1. Plan Your Full Home Remodel

Before you begin, you need to render an image of your desired finished project. Discuss your vision with your contractors to determine what is and isn’t plausible. It is much easier to revise this model before you’ve begun making major changes.  Be sure to consider all types of options including siding contractors, plumbers, and more.

Next, come up with a list of individual projects. Decide which ones you can do on your own and which ones will require hired help. Draw up a budget and revise your list of DIY projects accordingly.

Finally, decide on the order in which to proceed, hire the appropriate contractors, and apply for permits.  You can also check out thecleverhomeowner.com for more DIY stuff as well.

2. Finish Large Structural Projects 

Large structural projects need to be tackled before anything else because they may impact future projects

Structural projects include anything related to the roof, foundation, wall joints or siding. You need to ensure that your house is sturdy enough to handle the demolition of walls and other supportive structures. Otherwise, you risk collapse or destructive foundational shifting that will set your renovation projects back and cost a fortune.

You should also address any problems that could lead to internal leaking or flooding. This includes windows that are in major disrepair and pipes or plumbing fixtures that are cracked or outdated. The last thing you want is to install all new flooring just to have it destroyed in a flood!

3. Start the Demolition

Gutting a house requires some serious teamwork. Whether you’re taking the sledgehammer into your own hands or hiring professionals, you will always need a rubbish removal team like these guys. Do your research before you begin to ensure that you are getting both the best deal and the most reliable service!

Decide whether you want to gut everything at once or work in installments. If you’ve put all of your belongings in storage and found another place to stay, you will probably find that it is cheaper and more efficient to gut everything at once. 

If your house was built before 1978, you will need to be careful of lead-based paint. Lead is toxic and when you start smashing everything up, you are leasing particles of paint and dust into the air and making your environment harmful to your respiratory system. Always wear the appropriate protective gear when gutting a house!

Gutting a House the Right Way

If you’re considering gutting a house, you need to make sure you’re going about it the proper way. Make sure your renovation is planned from start to finish and that you’re working within your budget. Take into account hired contractors and rubbish removal companies when allocating your funds.

For more real estate tips and tricks, bookmark our page and check in with us often!

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