Where to Buy Big & Tall NFL Jerseys

Wearing your favorite Football team’s jersey or any apparel for that matter, is something that any fanatic would not want to miss. It can be a fashion statement or even a sign of loyalty to that team. On the other hand, regardless of how cool it looks, finding the right jersey for plus size people can be difficult.

More often than not, when you walk into many stores, you will find the regular sizes. The retailers fail to cater to the plus size people.

Nonetheless, from today, you will never struggle after reading this article. If you are looking for Big and Tall NFL Jerseys for yourself or a gift for a friend, here are three retailers that could have the exact size you order.

1. NFL Fan Shop

The website offers all types of apparels, including hoodies, caps, and jerseys. You can find the most appropriate size for your plus sized friend or young one.

Several things that most buyers appreciate about is their services. Their website is so easy to maneuver, and you can view all their stock in order. NFL fan shop also offers reliable customer service. If there are any delays, it is easy to reach out to them, and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Besides that, after your order, you can track your order. You will get automatic updates until the item gets to you. By the way, you can also order a customized item with your loved one’s names and you can ship them internationally if you do not live in the US.

2. Fans Edge Sports

Generally, they have a reliable website. It comprises of all the needs a customer would want to know about the business, advanced search options, and the pages are easy to maneuver.

They also accept international orders as long as you can afford the shipping fees.

If you purchase a jersey that ends up not making you happy, you can return it. In their return policy, they state that they will have to inspect it before they can start processing your refund, which takes up to 10 business days.

Additionally, the client will have to cater for the return fees. The business also has set up various customer care services options. You can engage the customer care representatives on Twitter, or you can communicate with them through the website.

3. Sports Fanatics

Something I loved about this website is that they offer a wide range of products from various leagues and sports. Another thing that clients will like about Sports Fanatics is that you can return a jersey in the case the player on your jersey changes a team.

When it comes to pricing, the website offers a wide range of discounts, including student discounts. Members can sign up and receive points for every purchase they make.

They also state that they offer free shipping for fans that are in the United States. It takes a maximum of two days to get your jersey once you order it.


The above retailers offer all the sizes. In the case you have a problem with getting the right size for you, each of these companies will make arrangements on how you can get a customized one from them. When selecting the right company, make sure that you transact with the one that meets your needs the most.