Where to buy the best laptop stand?


People across the country are being ousted from their corporate offices and sent to their own houses to work. Initially, many of us were very grateful for this. It meant that we were able to see more of our loved ones, stay safe from the outside environment and work in our pyjamas and make a cup of tea of coffee any time we wanted. When it seemed like it wouldn’t last very long, it was great… or was it?

Many have come to realize, this is both a good thing and a bit of a double edged sword. To some, it gives a sense of comfort. An added level of safety – less face to face interaction with people when interacting can prove to actually be a damaging decision. Working from home can also cut back on travel time, allowing you to sleep in longer or spend a bit more time with your family, both before and after work. The fact that you can cut gas out of your budget is a huge bonus, too.

But… it also means that a lot of people have had to try and rearrange their homes and create a home office work space of their own, possibly out of nowhere. That means that people are having to try and locate things like desks and chairs, lamps and binders, storage units and – well, everything else that might have previously been provided for them by their office! From the small-scale supplies like staplers right on up to printers and the array of items normally used to keep your desk organized… that’s on you to find. 

That’s a lot to try and locate, probably in a rush. It’s a lot of money to try and put out, too. The thing is, a lot of companies will just expect you to have this. You might be able to get a reimbursement for some of it, but you also might be concerned to bother management, or you might be self-employed in which case that cost becomes entirely your responsibility. 

One of the most important parts of a home office that is often over looked is the laptop stand. Just like with a desk, you’re going to want to try and in an ergonomic laptop stand that will fit into both the space you’re creating, and the budget you’re running with. I’ve found that solos-it.com has two of the most durable and reasonably priced laptop stands out there. They presently offer two varieties – a single laptop stand, and a double laptop stand. Both laptop stands are under thirty dollars, and made from high quality, durable materials. 

For example, the single slot laptop stand is made from aluminium alloy and silicone. It only comes in silver, but let’s be honest – silver is sleek and modern, and will fit in with just about any personal space you might be turning your home office into. Plus, the price is really not something that you can beat! 

Sure, the desk and the chair might come first – but an ergonomic laptop stand should be something that you pick out for one of your other very early purchases. Organizing the top of your desk and optimizing your work space will make it a lot easier for you to get into the mind-set needed to produce quality content for your job, and create a space that will allow you to excel in whatever tasks you might be setting forth to complete that day.

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