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Motorcycle riders should be especially cautious because they are more likely to lose control of their motorcycle if debris, uneven roads, or slick surfaces suddenly appear on the road. A biker may incur severe injuries, property loss, and even emotional distress due to their losses from road hazards.

Speak with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer in Pheonix, AZ, to evaluate your claim if you sustained severe injuries in an accident caused by a common road danger or the carelessness of another motorist or entity. You can obtain just restitution for the hardship you have undergone.

Road hazards cover many potential issues that motorcycle riders can encounter. In some cases, the risk may be caused by other motorists; in other cases, it may be a company or a government agency.

Let’s look at some road dangers that cyclists should watch out for.


Given the potential for several risks and the reliance on other vehicles observing the right-of-way legislation, intersections are among the most hazardous places for motorcycle riders. It’s best to practice defensive driving and emergency braking when multiple hazards are present. Consequently, you will have enough time to move out of the path if something goes wrong.

Blind spots

Accidents involving blind spots may result in severe injury. Depending on where you are riding, a motorcycle can go unnoticed in a driver’s rearview mirror due to its modest size. The driver may not see a rider in blindspots. Allow enough space for cars to change lanes or accelerate when passing to prevent a blindspot disaster.

Side roads

Due to the incoming traffic that appears unexpectedly and apparently out of nowhere on side roads, motorcyclists may face a significant risk. Abrupt braking or a collision with a car merging may result from this. Sometimes it’s impossible to avoid swerving out of the way, but you should strive to ride conservatively to prevent hitting a car in the other lane.

Slick surfaces and road debris

A serious accident may result from sudden changes in surfaces like loose gravel, sand, grease, ice, or other debris because of a motorcycle’s size and lack of stability. You could also lose control of your bike by abruptly braking or accelerating on these surfaces. Slowing down when you anticipate road debris to maintain traction is best.

Uneven roads

Construction zones and poor road upkeep can harm motorcycle riders’ ability to maintain control of their vehicles. Divots, depressions, indentations, and other road defects can bring on a severe collision. As you go through traffic in this situation, it is best to steer clear of speeding and lane changes to keep control of your bike.

the take away

Driver-involved accidents and severe injuries are more likely to happen to motorcyclists. You may be able to prevent a collision with another motorist by taking the following actions:

  • Lower your speed
  • Take a defensive stance to respond faster
  • Limit distractions when cycling
  • Constantly prepare for changes in the road and the weather.
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