Where to Look for the Best Wine in Italy


If you love wine, it’s no surprise that Italy might be on your travel bucket list. Italy is home to some of the finest wines in the world, and in this country, every region, city, town, and village has its own set of traditions and customs. Every plot of land and hill also has unique characteristics, which is evident in the hundreds of different wine varieties produced here. Italian wine lists can often be difficult to navigate due to the huge diversity. If you want to see where some of your favorite wines are made, here are some of the best Italian wine regions and history to visit.


This Lombard region is the area that has made Italian sparkling wine famous around the world. Franciacorta produces gorgeous sparkling wines, using a method that is commonly used to make Champagne. Some of the main varieties of sparkling wine that come from this region include Bellavista, Berlucchi, and Ca ‘del Bosco. If you love sparkling wine, be sure to choose Italy tour packages that include exploring this region.

Langhe and Monferrato

With a stunning landscape of ancient soil and gentle hills, there’s more to see than just the wine in the Langhe and Monferrato region of Piedmont. This large region is the home for several popular, full-bodied red wines such as Barbaresco and Barolo, along with perfumed wines like Grignolino and Barbera. Red wines aren’t the only ones available here, either – excellent white wines like Arneis and Gavi are also produced in this region, which is the home of two major wine producers – Ceretto and Gaja.


Not only is the iconic Tuscan landscape gorgeous to look at, but there are also some excellent wines produced in this region. Tuscany is an area that is famous for its great red wines, with Chianti being the most popular, exported all over the world. Some of the most famous wine brands produced here include Vermentino, Bolgheri’s Super Tuscans, Morellino di Scansano and Vernaccia. If you want to explore the rich variety of wines yourself, you can put Tuscany on your travel bucket list right after the country’s capital, as taking a fast Rome to Florence train is a great way to reach a stunning destination.


Often known as the garden of Italy, Puglia produces a wide range of great wines including Nero di Troia, Primitivo, and Negroamaro. Wines from this region are full-bodied reds, made from grapes that grow at high temperatures with prolonged sunlight exposure. Red wines are not the only wine on offer here, either, with a small, delicious selection of white wines available from Puglia including Bombino Bianco and Bianco D’alessano.


One of the most famous wine regions in Italy due to the wine of the same name that is produced here, Prosecco is made up of small hills where the glera grape thrives best, producing the famous bubbly wine that is made using the Charmat method. The region is home to various different producers of Prosecco, with Villa Sandi, Bortolomiol, and Bisol among some of the most well-known.

If you love wine, there’s no better place to visit than Italy for a wine tour! The country is home to a diverse range of interesting wine regions where you can explore the countryside, learn more about how the wines are produced, and taste your favorites.

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