Which Apples Are Healthier: Red or Green?


A common and regular confusion of ours is red apples vs green apples that doesn’t tend to come to an end.

The truth is, not only are the colors of the apples different, their nutrients are also not indifferent. As a result, we spend much time in discovering the better one for our health.

Fortunately, I researched it well and found the answer of which apples are healthier: red or green? The details are elaborated in the article.

So, let’s dive in without further ado.

Differences Between Red And Green Apples

Before jumping into any clarity or decision, you should know some factors. They are largely responsible for the differences between red and green apples.

Do check them one by one to get a clear idea.

1. Help In Digestion

Apples are widely known for their assistance in digestion. As green apples carry extra fiber than red apples, they are of great aid in digesting food within time.

2. Nutrition Diversity

Indeed, both green and red apples are full of nutrients, but there is much diversity in the amounts. Let’s see which apples have better quantities of nutrients.

Serial Nutrients Red apples Green Apples
1 Sugar 10.48 g 9.59
2 Vitamin A 55 IU 100 IU
3 Fiber 2.3 g 2.8 g
4 Calorie 59 Cal 58 Cal
5 Vitamin B 0.034 mg 0.037 mg
6 Vitamin C 12.5 mg 15 mg

3. Weight Loss

Many are struggling to lose weight and green apples are a game changer in this case. It is because they have less sugar in comparison to red apples and also, less calories.

Which Apple to Eat Between Red And Green?

Green apples are the best when you like less sugar and balancing a diet. They won’t boost your weight and will help you in digesting in time.

As for the red apples, they have no competition in case your body wants more antioxidants to fight against health issues.


1. Is green apple good for skin?

Answer: Yes, green apples highly recommended for skin as it provides resveratrol. It is good for making the skin healthier than before through fulfilling the needs of the skin.

2. Is it OK to eat apples in the morning?

Answer: Of course, eating apples in the morning is both OK and suggested by doctors and nutritionists. It is because morning time is the best for digesting the apple and catching its healthy nutrients.

3. Should you eat apples with skin or without?

Answer: Apples should be eaten with their skin as it is fraught with diverse nutrients. Vitamins like A, C, K and potassium, calcium are highly found in the skin of apples.

Final Words

On the whole, it is a clear vision that both red and green apples have their respective nutrients and health benefits. None of them are harmful to the body, rather, much workable to keep it fit.

In case you are still worried about which apples are healthier: red or green? your need will decide the answer. So, pay attention to the bright sides of the apples and make your choice.

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