Which Movie Characters are the Most Dangerous Drivers?

Nothing beats a dramatic car chase in terms of cinematic action, but in reality, you will find that movie characters are incredibly dangerous and reckless drivers that have no place on the roads. Jardine Motors decided to look into the true ramifications of some of the dangerous yet thrilling car chases seen in Hollywood movies to determine who the most dangerous character are when it comes to driving.

Common Offences

The experienced car dealership watched some of the most famous car scenes in Hollywood history and analysed how many penalty points they would accrue in the UK in a real-life situation. As you might expect, “driving without reasonable consideration for other road users” was a common offence which could result in 9 penalty points while “dangerous driving” and “exceeding the statutory speed limit on a public road” were both common and carry 11 and 6 point penalties respectively.

So, who are the most dangerous movie characters when it comes to driving?

James Bond & Moneypenny

Unsurprisingly, it is 007 that emerged as one of the most dangerous (although highly skilled) along with Moneypenny in the epic Skyfall chase. During the chase in Istanbul, the MI6 pair rack up enough penalty points to see them banned from driving 10 times over with Moneypenny committing a staggering 10 offences in less than two minutes. Meanwhile, Roger Moore’s Bond would average 91 penalty points for his driving scenes.

Dom – The Fate of the Furious

The Fast & The Furious film franchise has created some of the most exhilarating car scenes in cinematic history. Dom is a character that amassed a whopping 342 penalty points in scenes reviewed, including 98 in one scene in The Fate of the Furious.


Batman may be a superhero and a saviour, but he is also an incredibly reckless driver that was ranked the worst based on points averaged over an entire franchise. Batman scored an average of 84 penalty points with Ben Affleck’s 2016 portrayal in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice being a particularly extreme example of dangerous driving.

Jason Bourne

The Bourne film franchise is also known for its incredible and often realistic car chases. Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne is certainly a skilled driver, but he is also an incredibly dangerous one that scored an average of 80 penalty points per film (there is also a chase in each instalment). Bourne is also one of the few to be guilty of “causing death by careless, or inconsiderate, driving”.

These are the most dangerous movie characters when it comes to driving and while it makes for great cinematic viewing, it is worthwhile noting just how dangerous and reckless this driving is. In real life, safety needs to be a priority when it comes to driving and the car chases are best left to the big screen.