White VS Black Calacatta Quartz: How to Choose Between Them?


Quartz stone slabs are becoming the most popular materials for many homeowners and businesses. Among types of quartz stone slabs, the calacatta quartz slab, which has a luxurious look almost without drawbacks, is non-porous and resistant to stains, making it easier to care for and maintain. As a result of its beauty and durability, calacatta quartz slabs are ideal for home and commercial uses.

In addition, calacatta quartz comes in various colors. And the most popular ones are white and black calacatta quartz. Since a copious number of people care about how to choose between them, this article will guide you figure out this doubt.

Differences between White and Black Calacatta Quartz Slabs

While both colors are stunning, they each have their unique benefits. To make it easier for you, here is a quick guide:

1. Performance

It is acknowledged that the quartz stone slab is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, making it an ideal material for kitchens and commercial areas. Both white calacatta quartz and black calacatta quartz offer almost the same performance, but black calacatta quartz slabs seem more dirt-proof. Due to the color, black calacatta quartz may hardly get stains and thus require less maintenance.

2. Style

When it comes to styling, white calacatta quartz is timeless, delicate, and elegant. White calacatta quartz creates an atmosphere where the kitchen or other spaces feel brighter and more open. Its delicacy creates a sense of luxury, and it’s easier to match with other colors.

On the other hand, black calacatta quartz has a more classical look, with its veins being thinner and more. Besides, black calacatta quartz is suitable for people pursuing a modern environment with its preserving color and lovely textures.

3. Cost


They are almost the same price if you buy from a reliable supplier. Two things that will affect the price are the vein and thickness. For example, if you are looking for white calacatta quartz, you should take into account the pattern and vein of the slab. For example, if you are looking for black calacatta quartz, you should pay attention to its thickness and hardness. All in all, a reliable quartz slab supplier will offer you the most reasonable price.

White VS Black Calacatta Quartz: Which Should Buy?

Both white and black calacatta quartz have distinctive merits, and users should choose them according to their needs. When choosing between white and black calacatta quartz, it is important to consider what kind of look you are hoping to achieve. For example, white quartz can create a more spacious and bright appearance, while black quartz can add a feeling of luxury and mystery.

Bitto: A Trustworthy Calacatta Quartz Slab Supplier

The quartz stone slab is a durable material for residential and commercial uses. However, the quality of these slabs largely depends on the supplier. If you are looking for a reliable supplier, Bitto is a trustworthy quartz slab supplier offering all types of popular calacatta slabs.

Launched in 2001, the company is a leading quartz manufacturer that invests highly in R&D, processing, manufacturing, and selling quartz slabs and solid surfaces. All Bitto quartz stone slabs feature 93% natural quartz and 7% polymer, making them super durable.

Here are the merits of their two famous calacatta quartz slabs.

BQ 2202 Calacatta Pearl White Quartz Slab

BQ 2202 calacatta pearl white quartz is the ideal choice for a bright, clean, and more spacious look.

  • The quartz slab features bright white and striking coarse and fine grey veins in abundance, making each slab a uniquely veined quartz slab.
  • The surface of pearl white quartz stone is non-porous and thus will not absorb liquid stains. It is also resistant to the growth of bacteria and heat.
  • The white calacatta quartzslab is easy to maintain. It requires a simple wipe with a damp cloth to remove stains, making it highly suitable for kitchen, bathroom, and worktops.
  • The slab is super hard and comes with a 15 Years Warranty.

BQ 2207 Black Calacatta Quartz Stone

BQ 2207 Black Calacatta Quartz Stone

For a dramatic and stylish look, the BITTO Calacatta Eternal Maquina quartz slab is the best choice.

  • The slab features a black base covered with bright white veins that give a visually stunning impact.
  • BITTO Calacatta Eternal Maquina quartz slab is super durable and harder than granite. Also, the black quartz stone slab is non-porous, so there is no need to seal it.
  • The surface of the quartz slab is treated with antimicrobial protection to avoid bacterial growth.
  • The black calacatta quartz slab is easy to maintain and almost non-absorbent.
  • The slab is super hard and comes with a 15 Years Warranty.


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