Who is the best water purifier service provider in India?


A water purifier generally lasts you over a decade when you take proper care of your unit. Hence, it makes sense to consider it as an investment that will fetch you returns in terms of your health and your family’s health. It is the best insurance against water-borne diseases and the like. Naturally, it is recommended that you go for a high-end brand like Pureit from Hindustan Unilever Limited as your family’s health is at stake.

What is the advantage of going for a high-end brand? The quality of the unit, the quality of the filter used, the grade of plastic used for the body and the modules of the purifier, and the quality and the number of features that come with the purifier. But over and above these, there is one more thing – the service the brand provides.

High-end brands are recommended because they usually have a technician just a call away and provide you ample online resources for what to do when the water filter for home experiences a snag.

They offer you annual maintenance contracts that cover the expenses of annual maintenance and generally cover ancillary costs of parts. We recommend that you go for an annual maintenance contract that works as insurance of your insurance. After all, you cannot go long without a working water purifier and need service personnel’s assistance at the earliest.

These brands also have a service locator on the online spaces where you can look up the service locator nearest to your location. They also offer you easy peasy ways to register a complaint through email or phone.

They promise free installation service or do it for a nominal fee.

Coming to the training of the service personnel, they are usually well-trained, so much so that even during times like these, they are considered the preferred route as they are pandemic trained.

Pureit promises safe installation and service explicitly because its personnel is so well trained. Let’s see in what ways :

Mandatory use of gloves and masks: The personnel is trained to abide by the mandate of wearing gloves and masks during their commute and service to you. This not only ensures the safety of customers like you but also the Pureit community.

Use of sanitizer: The personnel is trained to carry and use a sanitizer before and after every service session to ensure that there is no spread of the contagion and that we offer our best presence to you

Social distancing and no-contact service: They are trained to maintain social distance as per the guidelines provided by the Government and the WHO to prevent the spread of contagion and offer the best service under the circumstances to you.

Training update to maintain hygiene: Not only are our personnel trained as per norms suggested by the World Health Organization, they are even updated with the best hygiene practices from time to time such that they know how to self-report Covid symptoms and prevent the spread of the contagion.

Though the prices of purifiers from high-end brands, they are justified because they convert a portion of their profits towards educating, retaining, and servicing customers like you.

Finally, you might have a question of “if the product is so good, why will it have service requirements?”. We would like to assert that though the quality of the product is good, how you use it, the TDS of the water supply, and the wear and tear of the purifier, in general, can potentially cause a snag. For example, the RO membrane needs a lot of attention as the last thing you want is the pores to get clogged resulting in the build-up of microbial growth there. Though there are alerting features that include auto shut off to ensure that you don’t drink even a drop of impure water, one cannot be too careful. And in that rare occasion where a certain part goes under, you can have it covered by opting for an annual maintenance contract.

Pureit from the HUL stable of brands is well-known in the market to offer the best water purifier service possible under the circumstances. It offers ample resources on its website to guide you when your water purifier runs into a problem. It offers technician help just a call or an email away. It offers annual maintenance contracts. Its personnel is pandemic trained to ensure minimal to zero interruption to your drinking water needs. After all, we cannot compromise on the supply of a basic need. It offers easy access to customer service and detailed FAQs that help you in the initial investigation of what might have given. Their dedication to your cause is seen by the ease of availability of customer service on their website. They even have a site search feature that helps you dig up all the information related to your query in one place.

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