Who is the most well-known psychic of all time?

When talking about psychics, the world had admired or feared them for years and years. Today psychics have a better place in pop culture due to the accurate predictions that have happened lately. It seems that psychics are everywhere, from horoscope in magazines or YouTube to walking along the walkway, and the list of pshycic abilities is growing each year. A psychic reading can be both scary and exciting, especially if you haven’t done one before.

Psychics have openly shared their visions with the media throughout history. It is no secret that Hollywood stars and even politicians have employed psychics to help them boost their fortune or fame. There are many good and gifted psychics in the world, which makes it hard to pick one or two that are the best. Below we will try to pin some of the best mediums and psychics.

What is a psychic?

A psychic is someone sensitive to supernatural influences, forces, perception. In every single country on this Earth, there is at least one psychic. Many of them use their gift to help people with love relationships, family relationships, friendships, financial problems, and other things. Many do this job to make a living off of it, but some do this job when a “spirit” moves them to aid somebody. It is believed that psychics have the abilities through their senses like clairvoyance which means clear seeing, clairsentience, which means clear feeling, clairaudience which means clear hearing, claircognizance which means clear knowing, clairescent which means clear smelling, clairgustance which means clear tasting, and clairtangency which means clear touching. Every single person is born whit these senses, but they tend to shut down as we learn to rely on actual evidence, and we ignore our extrasensory gifts. There is a way to learn to use these senses.

What is a medium?

Mediums are able to see the future, present, and past of some person by connecting themselves with spirits. Psychics usually don’t contact with spirits of dead people, but all mediums are also psychic. Mediums grew their popularity thanks to the TV show with the same name, which helped Allison DuBois, Theresa Caputo, and Monica Ten-Kate to become celebrities overnight. Today it is rather easy to get an appointment with a medium regarding some issues with a deceased person.

Famous psychics

Being able to successfully predict someone’s future will make you famous. Such famous psychics include Rose Ann Schwab, Edgar Cayce, and John Elfreth Watkins Jr. The “sleeping prophet” or Edgar Cayce got his nickname because he connects with a collective consciousness while meditating. While doing that, he can perform a reading. He is also known as the father of holistic medicine because he learned the holistic treatments and remedies for dream interpretation, illness, and reincarnations.

Rose Ann Schwab

With 98% accuracy of her predictions, Rose Ann Schwab is a famous clairvoyant psychic and medium. Some of her prediction consists of predicting elections, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks in the USA. When she is not busy writing books or guest speaking, she provides readings and consultations.

John Elfreth Watkins Jr

John Elfreth Watkins Jr used to be a railroad engineer who predicted some technological advancements that will happen in the next hundred years. He successfully predicted digital color photography, cellular phones, television, pre-made meals, and many more.

Famous mediums

Allison DuBois

Television drama show Medium increased the fame for mediums in the world, more specifically the medium Allison DuBois, who now lives in the spotlight. In this tv show, Allison is a stay-at-home mom who happens to become a medium that helps to solve some mysteries. The real Allison DuBois is also helping the law enforcement agencies and help to find missing people.

Theresa Caputo

Another overnight sensation is Theresa Caputo also known as the Long Island Medium, who has a distinctive look with huge blond hair and super long manicured nails. She has a tv show that is centered on her reading sessions and her family. Many people tried to discredit her predictions as false, but that did not stop her from continuing with her session and her tv show.

Monica Ten-Kate

Another medium premiered her show in 2015 called Monica the Medium. Monica Ten-Kate uses her show to talk about her life as a student in college and her medium gifts. This show only ran for two seasons because it received a lot of criticism by people claiming that she was fake. This did not stop her from continuing with her readings, and she also has a podcast, does live events, wrote a book, and created an oracle deck.

Tana Hoy has the gift of talking with deceased people. His aunt Lucille predicted his birth 12 years before he was born. He successfully predicted the bombing in Oklahoma City 90 minutes before it happened. His accuracy rating is 93%.

Best psychics: Baba Vanga and Nostradamus

The accurate psychics are able to provide a gift to those who need it, which makes it difficult to decide which one is the best. Yet, two of them stand out due to their accurate prediction, and those are Nostradamus and Baba Vanga.

Baba Vanga has able to predict the election of US president Barrack Obama, the 9/11 attacks, and the melting of the ice caps. Nostradamus also predicted the 9/11 attacks. He also saw the rise of Donald Trump and was able to predict WW, the rise of Napoleon, and the death of Princess Diana.

Where can you find a psychic?

Nowadays, it is rather simple to find a psychic. Maybe a family member or a friend can suggest one. Psychic reading is no longer taboo, and many people share their experiences with psychics. Your best way to find a psychic is by doing a simple online search as there are many websites, social media accounts, and YouTube channels run by psychics.

Getting your reading

Now that we have explained more about psychics and mediums, maybe it is time for you to book a reading. If you are suffering or something is bothering you, a psychic can assist you with finding closure. Psychic reading is a unique and memorable experience, no matter if it is your first or fifth time getting a reading.