Who should do the hearing test? Symptoms and indications for regular checkups?

Hearing problems require proper diagnosis. Early detection of hearing loss allows you to start treatment with hearing aids to improve the comfort of life every day. What are the symptoms that require a hearing test? Who should check their hearing systematically?

How can you recognize a hearing loss?

Deterioration of hearing and hearing loss most often occurs as a result of age. It usually starts to worsen after the age of 50. In addition, ear infections and injuries, excessive exposure to noise, and even the use of certain types of medications can contribute to hearing problems.

Hearing loss in the initial stage usually does not cause significant difficulties in everyday functioning. Nevertheless, already at this stage, you can observe several characteristic symptoms that should prompt you to take a hearing test.

Symptoms of hearing impairment

  • increasing the volume of TV, radio
  • asking the person we are having a conversation with to repeat what he said
  • problems with understanding several people talking at the same time
  • worse hearing in noisy environments
  • raising your voice while talking on the phone
  • hearing ringing and buzzing in the ears

feeling that the sounds are muffled

The above symptoms are often noticed first by the people around us, so in such situation, the best solution will be to suggest a visit to the ENT, audiologist, or hearing care specialist’s office.

What does hearing testing work?

Today, you can use special online hearing tests to help detect hearing loss problems. However, for an accurate assessment, a professional hearing test in a doctor’s office is required. It does not require any special preparation on the part of the test person, and it is quick and completely painless.

The most frequently performed test is the hearing test frequency. It takes place in a soundproofed room. A person inside the room puts on headphones through which sounds of various frequencies are reproduced. The task of the examined person is to press a button when he hears a sound.

The hearing test result is presented as an audiogram. It contains a graph that lists the test sounds and their hearing thresholds. You can also select the appropriate hearing aid based on the audiogram.

If necessary, additional tests are carried out, for example, with vibration, to eliminate the risk of damage to the middle ear.

Hearing test – when should it become a regular examination?

Regular hearing tests should be performed by people who are at a higher risk of hearing loss and hearing loss.

A systematic test of hearing frequency should be performed in the following groups:

  • people over 50 years of age
  • people who often suffer from otitis
  • people working or staying in a place exposed to noise, changing pressure, for example, in the construction industry, uniformed services, swimmers, divers
  • people taking ototoxic drugs, which may cause hearing impairment
  • people with hearing loss who use hearing aids to control their progression

In these cases, hearing tests should be carried out every 2 years.