Who Will Rule The AFC This Season, The Chiefs or Bills?


Everyone constantly speaks of just how good Patrick Mahomes is and how the Chiefs are the best unit in football, at least until they run into the Buccaneers. But has anyone stopped to think about just how good the Buffalo Bills have gotten too? Long gone are the days in which the Bills were a laughing stock in the AFC East, and that’s a division that also holds the Dolphins and Jets people. NFL odds experts now have the Bills as the biggest threats to the Chiefs dominion of the AFC Conference and with the 2021 season still a couple of months away let’s break down which team is better where and why.

Making a Case For The Bills

The Buffalo Bills were one game away from reaching the Super Bowl last year, and who beat them, yeah, the Kansas City Chiefs, but man were they a good, great football team or what? Led by Josh Allen in the offense, who for analysts all around was easily a top five quarterback in the league with his passer ratings and touchdowns, the Bills were ringing all the right bells. Most of their offensive arsenal is coming back this year with Steffon Diggs at the helm, Cole Beasly coming in hot, Gabriel Davis wanting to pick up where he left off last season and Emmanuel Sanders coming in to fill in for John Brown. I don’t know about you but that seems like one of the most stacked offenses in the league if you were to ask anybody.

On the defensive side of the ball the key is simple, as long as the defense, which is by far one of the best in the league can come back with the same poise, strength and form then everyone will have to watch out. General Manager Brandon Beane not only did a great job in the draft by adding two powerhouse defenders in Gregory Rousseau and Carlos Basham but he also made sure that some of his main guys in defense stayed put in Buffalo. By retaining Matt Milano, Levi Wallace and Mario Addison, combining them with AJ Epenesa and Jerry Hughes that line will crash anything and everything in their way, leaving the secondary to only pick up the scraps. A secondary that is all too good as well.

Kansas City Wants To Continue Being Top Honcho In The AFC

Man, if only the Chiefs would’ve had a stronger offensive line in last year’s Super Bowl against the Buccaneers I’m sure we would be talking about the back to back Super Bowl Champions Chiefs, but they didn’t and well, you know the rest of the story. While the Chiefs invested heavily in putting together an offensive line that can block absolutely anything, both through free agency and the draft, with guys like Joe Thuney coming in from the Patriots, bringing back Kyle Long out of retirement and rookie Creed Humphrey, they should’ve also given some thought into getting Mahomes more weapons on offense. Either the Chiefs know something we don’t know about what happens if Travis Kelce or Tyreek Hill get injured or they’re just too good to ever suffer an injury, who knows.

On the defensive side of the ball the Chiefs are looking as good as ever. Not perfect, because nobody can be perfect but they still have a lot of big names in guys like Frank Clark, Chris Jones, Anthony Hitchens and Tyrann Mathiew to put a scare on any offense. Their secondary led by L’Jarius Sneed who was a pleasant surprise at cornerback alongside Rashad Fenton will be good, not great, but good, good enough to not have the offense worry too much.

Who Will Reign Supreme In The AFC?

If last year’s AFC Championship game between the Bills and Chiefs serve as any intro into what we’re in for this season, then please dear lord let the season begin. Both teams are heavy favorites to win their respective divisions by a landslide, maybe the Chiefs having a bit more troubles than the Bills. If it comes down to the two teams locking together for a spot in the Super Bowl, while Mahomes is amazing, I will have to go with the Bills. While Mahomes is a game changer, if the Bills find their dominant groove early and never let go off the breaks then it’s all the way to the Super Bowl for Buffalo. That of course with Josh Allen playing in an MVP caliber season. Get ready Bills Mafia, your time is coming!


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