Who’s That Chick: How To Embody Cool Girl Style On A Budget

We’ve all heard that phrase “it girl” or “cool girl”. It’s the girl that always looks put together, the girl who somehow always looks stylish, regardless of the trends or the season. Sometimes embodying this persona can feel untouchable as she is often embodied by influencers with endless budgets and brand deals. However, if you want to personify the cool-girl style, minus the broken bank account, here are a few tips on how to do it.

Go For The Classics

It can be incredibly easy to become swept up with the trends; with new colours, patterns, cuts and styles coming out and showing up on our phone screens daily, it’s hard not to become over-excited. But, the best way to ensure you always look timeless is to dress above the trends. Opting for pieces that have remained timeless, rather than being a fad or microtrend mean you’re less likely to look dated in a few months. If you’re looking to invest in classic pieces that would usually be a little more expensive, a great place to look is second-hand shops or at stores like eBay Online. As an added bonus, you’re able to earn Qantas points when you shop on eBay via Qantas Shopping, so your hard-earned money is benefiting you in the long term. Shopping second hand, be it with eBay, physical shops, or consignment stores, allows you to find long-lasting pieces like an always on-trend leather moto jacket, vintage denim and chic accessories, that would usually be in a completely different price bracket. This way, you’re killing two birds with one stone, giving great pieces a second life and spending less whilst you do it.

Swap Styles With your Trendy Friends

There is nothing more frugal than free. And a simple way to get free items is to swap with your family and friends. Whilst you may have a particular style and therefore not be able to justify dropping large amounts on something you would only wear once, becoming Cinderella for the night by sharing your friends opposing style wardrobe is the perfect way to experiment a little and find great pieces without losing money or contributing to fast-fashion wastage.

Power Of The High Low

Popular 2000s tv show, The OC set the tone for girls everywhere with their lead female protagonist by dressing her in what was called “high-low fashion”. This meant pairing designer items with pieces that were much more affordable. If you have your eye on a particular piece that is a little out of your budget, there is nothing wrong with saving for it. Just ensure it’s an item that you’ll continue to wear over and over again. Then, pair it with more affordable items. Your entire ensemble does not need to be made up of designers to be expensive, and mixing and matching your wardrobe will help to make it look chicer.

The Devils In The Details

When it comes to looking put together, it’s all about the details. For example, if you purchase a more inexpensive coat, swapping high shine buttons for something more subdued is a simple fix to give it the appearance of being more expensive whilst costing minimal amounts. Similarly, simple jeans and a t-shirt outfit can look considerably more elevated with a few simple accessories added to it. Pair with a pair of mid-heeled boots in an unexpected colour along with a matching bag and some layered, dainty necklaces will immediately give your style more personality.

When All Else Fails, Go black

The easiest way to look chic, put together, cool, and perhaps a little mysterious, is by dressing entirely in black. The head to toe monochrome look is chic and always looks cool. The most important element here to ensure that the clothing doesn’t border on boring but instead stays stylish is the silhouette. A low waisted black slip skirt, along with a black crew neck tee that hits just above the skirt, and a chunky heeled ankle boot, give length to the torso and legs, whilst also staying streamlined and fuss-free. However, the monochrome look can be applied in any setting, it can be casual by swapping the skirt for some straight leg jeans, or the top for a knit, regardless of what you do, you never fail to look cool in a head to toe black look.

Find A Muse

One of the more simple ways to look like a cool girl is to find your own cool girl. Whether it’s a celebrity, influencer, friend or family member, finding someone to model yourself after will give you a clearer idea of the type of style you wish to portray. This doesn’t mean to completely copy their entire sartorial style, it can just influence you and help you to understand what it is you like to wear and what your own personal style is.

Whether you’re scrolling Instagram for some inspiration or scrolling through eBay for some discounted vintage, it has never been easier to look like a cool girl on a budget. By staying true to your style and not overconsuming fast fashion, you’ll be certain to look stylish wherever you go.